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Day 1 – Adios Singapore!

Off we went towards Le Grandeur Palm Resort, Johor, Malaysia and all of us were extremely excited and could not wait to reach our destination!

We left SP around 8.30am on 30th April 2012 and passed customs and reached our destination at 10.30am. The staff was hospitable and placed our luggage in the storeroom for safe-keeping as our rooms were not ready. After which, we managed to have a glimpse of the amenities and facilities of the resort and we were astounded by it!

After the tour of the facilities, we indulged in a gastronomic buffet and ate ravenously as we were hungry!

Here’s Gillian started taking food in front her! Gleaming with joy, she finished that plate within 10 minutes and went for another round!

With our stomachs filled, we went back to the serious stuff and focused during our lessons and we were rewarded with a trip to Johor Premium Outlet! However we were shocked by the price of the merchandise there! $$$$$$$$!

Most of us ended up buying Ice-cream instead!

After dinner, it was time for us to show off vocally! Le Grandeur provided us with a lounge for us to relax and have fun.

Day 2- Le Grandeur Palm Resort

Rise and shine! We had breakfast at 8am and it was good!

After breakfast, we had a sharing session with various department heads explaining how each department operates and how they handle problems if any.

We also visited different locations in the hotel such as the Front Office – Reception, Operator Room, Reservation Department and Concierge and Housekeeping – Housekeeping Office, Laundry Room,

Public Area and Accommodation Rooms.

In housekeeping, we managed to get hands on - ironing the linen with a huge machine! After which, we made our way to one of the rooms and tried cleaning the room and making the bed. And my my, it wasn’t easy at all! We took around 10-15 minutes (a group of 9 people) to make the bed whereas 1 staff just took (8 minutes) to make the bed. We were astounded by his skills!

For dinner, we had a Japanese Set dinner and it was a fruitful experience! The food was brilliant decorated from Shishamo to sushi, our stomachs were satisfied!

After which, we had a 2 hours complimentary bowling session! Mr. Ronald claimed he was the best bowler, however, his score turned out to be less than 60! What a lie!
However our best bowler and the most consistent bowler was from DTRM/06! Guess who they are!

Day 3 – Le Grandeur Palm Resort

For day 3, the highlight was the fine dining dinner. It was a fruitful experience as we managed to taste quality food , “quality over quantity”. From appetizer to the main course to deserts and finally to pralines, we were super full after indulging ourselves in such gastronomic food!

Day 4 & 5– Le Grandeur Palm Resort

These were the days when we became a whole new person, some being ridiculous, some being… well, “extra-ordinary”. It was “The RON Factor” & “Lian & Beng” Segment! All of us were clad in our own special way and took the roles of guests and server on alternate days. All I could say is that, hell broke loose in the restaurant. Nevertheless, all of us had fun and managed to experience what it feels like to be a server.

Roles as guest

After a hectic but awesome experience, it was time for our gala performance and a barbeque buffet by the poolside. DTRM 02 & 06 gave a spectacular display of dance and Mr.Ronald & Mrs. Seet were entertained ! Other than that, all of us loved the wide variety of barbeque food which was delicious!

The MAIN HIGHLIGHT of the night was the awards! And only ONE award was different and let’s just says…. “Loving”.
The “Loving Couple” award went to Jun Wei and Carol and everyone felt that it was a “A Match made in Heaven?” Well…. We’ll see!

Day 6- Home Sweet Home

And so, our amazing trip had sadly come to an end. DTRM 02 & 06 had the time our lives and had really learnt a lot during this trip. We hope to have such an awesome trip again and we’re glad to be part of DTRM FAMILY!

Done by : Fabian Lee , DTRM/2A/FT/06


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