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Comments from the DTRM Year 3 students who have just left for Disney Internship in the United States in September 2012


Ang Ko Hong DTRM/FT/3A/04

Being in the DTRM course has helped prepared me by providing me with the fundamentals of the industry. With these fundamentals in place, I am able to look out for things that I usually would not look out for.

Chua Si Ming DTRM/FT/3A/04

DTRM has helped prepare me tremendously for this internship through modules such as Cultural Intelligence that opened my eyes to expect the differences when abroad, as each country has its own culture and influences. I hope to learn much from this program and be more in sync with the world.
Chue Yong Qi, DTRM/FT/3A/04

I felt that the modules taught in the course have allowed me to understand what tourism and hospitality revolves around as well as the basics of it all. This is especially seen in the relevance of the theories studied in the course, which allows me to see my environment in the “service” perspective.

Kohgilavani DTRM/FT/3A/04

DTRM has most definitely equipped me with the knowledge I need to succeed in this course. During the University of California Riverside (UCR) lessons, I could easily answer the lecturers as I was already taught about it. Furthermore, the presentation skills learnt at SP has made me a much better presenter as well.  

Khoo Li Hwa Esther DTRM/FT/3A/04

Having the opportunity to have my internship at Walt Disney World has been unbelievable so far. DTRM enables me to learn more about the Tourism sector and this allows us to have a wide range of knowledge in the industry. The modules taught are not only practical but quite hands-on which allows me to get ready for the working life. The Disney ITP would indeed be an exciting, enriching and empowering experience and this would not be possible without DTRM and its lecturers. 

Elizabeth Koh Ji Hua DTRM/FT/3A/04

Being able to go for this programme has definitely brought about mixed feelings for me. Nonetheless, I am sure that it will help me to build more self-confidence.

Lee Tung Seng Alex DTRM/FT/3A/04

This is my first job ever; therefore I am really excited about what I am going to go through over the next 6 months! Hopefully, everything I have learnt from DTRM will help me over the 6 months.

Wong Jia Hui DTRM/FT/3A/04

This is my first time going to America. Before the trip, I feel excited to be able to go to America and to be able to experience living in America.
Once we reached America, I felt awed and tired as we finally made it to America. It is quite different from Singapore, the air feel cooler and dryer as it is dry in the California.

During the stay at University of California Riverside, I am grateful that the lecturers are trying to give us as many information about Disney as possible, the lecturers will also related some problems that we will face in Disney and how we should solve the problem, so that we will be mentally prepared for Disney.

I hope that after the ITP, I will be able to continue make use of what Disney has taught me and use it on my future job; create magic moment for our guests.

Lee Yuen Ching DTRM/FT/3A/04

I felt that as a whole, all the modules that we have undertaken during our study in DTRM have benefitted me as I am able to apply what I have learnt in the real world. After the internship, I believe that I will gain invaluable experience and knowledge that will shape me to be the best that I can be.



Merlin Toh DTRM/FT/3A/05

The modules taught in DTRM Course are very relevant and super useful as it helped make me a more confident person whether I'm in class or in Disneyland! The knowledge and fun that I have learnt these past years have increased my love for the hospitality industry and I am definitely going to my internship at Walt Disney World despite whatever challenges might be ahead. Got to have a "Bring It On!" attitude! Thank you, DTRM Lecturers!

Cynthia Goh DTRM/FT/3A/05

I am very glad that SP had trained us in our presentation skills and our researching abilities for the past 3 years. We are now able to produce posters, discuss solutions to a problem posed by the lecturers all in a very short period of time. Not only that, the work produced had also been rated as highly satisfactory according to the lecturers. Thus, I am very grateful to have acquired these communication skills throughout the years in SP.

Fitriyani DTRM/FT/3A/05

After going into Disneyland, I am truly amazed at how Walt Disney was able to bring everything that a child or even a person has dreamed of. I am even more amazed at how much passion the cast members have for their job, their love for Disney as well as their enthusiasm to help to give every guests the best time of their time. We noticed how professional yet at the same time maintain friendliness the cast members were, and to me, the whole experience was really magical and I felt like I was into another world during my whole stay in the Disneyland.  The DTRM course has helped me greatly in my presentation skills and I am familiar with the terms used by our lecturers.

Weisong DTRM/FT/3A/05

After the arrival at the University of California Riverside (UCR),I already felt like I was at home. Everything was great, the the room was very comfortable and we loved the variety of food they had. Occasionally we would go to different places to eat and shop, and it was a completely new experience for all of us. We look forward to moving to Disney in two days’ time too!:D

Geraint Liu Liheng DTRM/FT/3A/05

The course I took in Singapore Polytechnic has actually enabled me to understand more about the different cultures and respect the different nationalities around the world and I have taken these life lessons with me to USA, where I have used these skills I had learnt in Singapore Polytechnic to respect the 2 Japanese students studying with us, the nationalities of the lecturers as well as the other nationalities outside of school, in California. I will definitely take these skills with me to Florida. I hope to continue learning and growing as a person not only when I’m in Disney, but also for the rest of my life. 

Kim Ji Yoon DTRM/FT/3A/05

DTRM has helped me to better prepare for this Disney ITP by teaching me more knowledge about the industry. And it has also helped me to get mentally prepared with the hospitality spirit and passion.


Ng Li Juan DTRM/FT/3A/05

I was really excited and nervous prior to arriving in California as I dido not know what to expect when we arrive. Fortunately, the people here in UCR wereare very friendly and helpful and they would assist us if we hadve any problems. The lessons here are mostly what we have learnt in DTRM before. Therefore, I am glad for the modules we have gone through in SP as it allowed me to have a better understanding of what was taught here and able to apply what I have learnt into my internship at Disney.

Sophia Ng DTRM/FT/3A/06

I felt amazing and thrilled before my arrival in the US. Everyday I am happy when I wake up. Also, just knowing that I have the opportunity to understand the diversity of cultures and different working environment keeps me motivated and inspired. Most importantly, being away from family and friends means that I will be in a whole new place which allows me to build a brand new image for myself and this feels like a second chance to me. The bottom line is, I want to learn and experience as much as I can whilst discovering my true identify and self during this internship.

Cheng Pin Xiu DTRM/FT/3A/06

Being able to work in Disney world has always been my biggest dream. Even though I am living the dream now, it feels really unreal to be here and I love it!


Kwa Yan Hui DTRM/FT/3A/07

I was very excited about the whole Disney internship as it will be something new for me. I would need to be independent during these six months which will pose as a challenge for me but I am ready to take up this challenge.

During the trip:
At the airport everyone said their goodbyes and I was quite reluctant to leave my family and friends but the feeling was soon overwhelmed by the excitement I have when I was on the time. The journey to California was a long and tiring one. By the time I reached UCR, I was rather drained from all the travelling.

UCR learning:
The learning at UCR is rather different from the learning we have in Singapore. It is conducted in a very informal environment where you address the lecturers by their first names and the lessons were very interactive with teamwork activities that requires everyone to do some deep thinking instead of just sitting there for the few hours listening to the lecturer talked. We also had to be very participative.

My expectations and aspirations:
My expectations for this whole trip are to learn about the global hospitality industry, different cultures and also to be independent. I hope to improve my customer service skills, to be able to create many magical moments for guests while working in the parks and to grow through this internship program.

Wong Xun Jia DTRM/FT/3A/07

Before the trip, I could already feel the excitement while packing my luggage; I couldn’t wait to reach California and Disney World. Although it was a totally different environment in California as compared to Singapore, such as the weather, food, architecture of the buildings and people, it did not make me feel uncomfortable. I adjusted to their culture and practices quickly.

The learning style in UCR is different from the way we learn in Singapore Polytechnic. In UCR, we were encouraged to ask questions. If there were no questions raised, the lecturers will assume that we did not understand what they were teaching. The modules taught in UCR were interesting and in relation to Hospitality, and I gained some knowledge after attending the classes, such as service quality, and the different cultures of countries.

After the ITP, I would hope to be able to continue to provide magical moments to guests even if I am not working in Disney World. It is important that I treat every guest equally and provide my best standards to them. I would also hope to learn from the many other Disney Cast Members about their experiences. I would expect myself to have better problem- solving skills when I face a difficult guest. I hope to turn their frowns into a smile.

Pearry Gene Artiaga DTRM/FT/3A/07

The course has certainly equipped me with the necessary skills and qualities that are needed for the outside world. With this attachment to Disney, it has really opened my eyes to the reality of this vibrant and ever-changing industry. I’m excited to start my journey with Disney as I’m sure that it’ll change and shape my life in the way that will value customer service as utmost importance. I’ll turn that frown upside down~ Pearry.A


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