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Boot Camp Challenge 2014

Saturday 13th September 2014 was no ordinary weekend for the SB Ambassadors, as the first
virgin Boot Camp Challenge for more than 60 SBA students was held.

Its objectives were threefold: Competency in Communication, Collaboration and Community,
or in short, a one day challenge to be familiar with our 8 SB Diplomas.


The students were randomly formed into groups and given 2 diplomas and 1 topic such as: Food,
Fashion, Travel or Sports. The students were challenged to put together a PITCH on how their given
topic is related to the assigned diplomas.  The topics were deliberately selected as such that is fascinating
and have no relation to the diplomas with the aim to turn an impossible situation to possible scenarios.


The Boot Camp started with an exciting Ice-Breaker session to help students across Year 1 & Year 2
to bond and get to know one other.    Rainbow coloured balloons were used where students had
inscribed their names and classes on the balloons and arbitrarily placed around MLT12 and as each
student grabbed a balloon and had to go find a new friend and introduce themselves.

Yvonne being interviewed by SB Year Book

One of the student’s commented, “I joined SB Ambassadors to be the voice of SB but at the same
time I wanted to network with friends from all cohorts. The balloon siesta provided such a community
to bond.

The Boot Camp Challenge also welcomed 2 Guest of Honours.  We had Mr Martin Ng
(Manager of Student Development) who specially came and gave the students a 30 minutes guidance
on best practices to pitch and score with audiences. His videos and comments helped students realise
their  presentation techniques and the use of non-verbal techniques and avoiding low presenting positions.

We also warmly welcomed Ms Yvonne Chan (Director of CCOMS) who also specially came to grace and
judge the overall Boot Camp Challenge. She remarked:
‘It was a pleasure to be part of the judging panel, and I have thoroughly enjoyed myself with the presentation
by the SB ambassadors. They have such a refreshing take on interpreting the SB diplomas, and I am confident
that they can represent the school well in future.  Indeed, a commendable effort by the lecturers and students.’

A total of 7 Groups competed with one another at the finals and what made it more fun was the appreciative
cheering from each group.  The day ended with prizes given to all groups. With every group emerging as a winner,
spirits were high and bonds stronger.


Above all this, the key takeaway was learning to communicate clearly about our SB diplomas.
SBA Boot Camp Challenge is up for its next round.  See you all soon!



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