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GLE Logistics Newsletter featuring our DBA student Daryl Wong Teck Chaw

Extracted from the company newsletter:

Hi dear friends, GLE logistics colleagues and friends that we have not yet met!

My name is Teck Chaw and my friends call me Daryl. I am from Singapore Polytechnic pursing a Diploma in Business Administration, majoring in International Business and Trade, and Logistics and Supply Chain Management. I enjoy outdoor activities like basketball and volunteering for events such as the National Day Parade as I love to interact and make new friends.

I was offered the choice between internship and continuing with my course of studies in Singapore Polytechnic. GLE logistics was one of the very few companies that was in the list of companies offering us with the opportunity to intern with them. My research shows that GLE logistics is one of the top few SME companies in Singapore and is an established “total logistics” company.

After carefully weighing between continuing with my course of studies and doing an internship with GLE logistics, I decided to join GLE Logistics as an intern. I felt that this will be an ideal platform for me to learn more about the industry and I will benefit due to the hands on experience. In school, theories can be mastered; but in real life, and in the rough and tough business world, nothing beats gaining new skills and knowledge with one of Singapore’s fastest growing companies, GLE Logistics.

After graduation, I want to be very independent, self-supporting, and to be able to support my family and friends when the need arises. Hence, I must be self-reliant and self-motivated. I must plan well for my future, and be financially sound so that I can contribute to society.

My road map to success commenced after I completed my primary school education. I have been doing part time jobs as a waiter, bar tender, and shoes and clothing salesman. After my graduation, I hope to find a stable supply chain sales or customer service job. I hope to save money and continue with my higher education, and to complete my degree in 2 to 3 years’ time.

My dream is to be able to be an entrepreneur and start a small trading business. With diligence and creativity, I hope that it will grow to become a profitable and global enterprise. But, I would have to gain some experience by working and also to achieve my educational qualifications.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my mentors in Singapore Poly, my friends and GLE Logistics for the guidance, and I am motivated to not let all of you own in every way. Come what may, I will face all challenges head on.


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