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SP Business Entrepreneurs Gallery Part 1

Every year, several dozen business students set up their own businesses as part of the final year practicum. They set up these real, ACRA-registered businesses with their own capital, keep their profits and absorb any losses. See them in action here in part one of two installations.

SCÜP soup is currently served at food court 3, the waffle stall. They sell a premium quality cream-based soup in a cup that provides for a quick and nutritional meal. SCÜP of soup in a cup that allows their consumers to carry it around the campus with ease. They also emphasise on their health benefits of drinking a cup of soup to replace eating a meal. SCÜP aims to become a substitute for eating fast food when you can get a healthy meal in a shorter period of time.

SCÜP soup are sold at a reasonable price of $3.40 with the taste and quality of premium restaurant standard soup that are priced ranging from $6 to $10. The business was founded by 4 young and ambitious entrepreneurs, Ryan Peh, who manages the finance and business planning, Mark, who keeps track of the stock at hand, Greg who handles marketing tactics and Ren Jia who designs and materialise marketing strategies.

“We are students who provide to our own needs.” – Ryan, SCÜP partner. This quote from our interview basically sums up how they meet their customers’ needs. As students themselves, they know and understand the need of their fellow students and they provide to the demand accordingly. Focusing on health, convenience and quality taste, SCÜP aims to one day be recognised as a legitimate healthier fast food alternative.

The founders of SCUP with their industry mentor


WatchOutSG provides strap fixing services for their customers who chose different straps to go with their watches. The straps are sold at a very affordable price of $5 to $10 and their watches are at $15 to $18. They strongly believe that a small watch on the wrist can greatly impact and enhance the overall outlook of a person’s fashion style. With plenty of designs to choose from, they ensure that they have enough products in their product line to suit each and every customer’s style of dressing.

Established by three creative entrepreneurs with an eye for fashion, Caleb, Yang Ting and Guan Yi, work day in and day out to grow their business. From the frontline selling to the back end accounting, the three of them share the workload of the business and ensure the business provide the best for their customers.

WatchOutSG looks towards putting a watch on everybody’s wrist so that everyone can feel fashionable. With their newly launched line of handmade bracelets, it’s about time you updated your collection of arm candy with accessories from WatchOutSG.


Skwi’s slogan is ‘Forging New Bonds’; Skwi advocates people to give presents to their loved ones even if there are no special occasions as a simple act of gifting can go a long way. Skwi draws inspiration from Artbox and SuddenlyCat and although their initial idea was to sell items such as soft toys, they decided to make spreading happiness and building relationship through gifting as their main purpose.


‘Every day is a Special Day to Give’, with a tagline such as this, for students with large social circle, Skwi encourages them to gift to strengthen bonds; and for working adults, a simple gift from Skwi can definitely brighten up their day after a long day of hectic work.

Skwi’s products are priced moderately from $10 to $25; all of them are ready to gift products hence there is not a need for further wrapping or packaging, which are especially convenient for those who are busy.

Skwi is run by three aspiring entrepreneurs; with Alicia as the product manager, Calvin who is in charge of IT and Lee Xun who takes care of their marketing campaigns. All of them are always looking for more unique products to bring into their business and to further advocate the art of gifting.


Moostry, a brand that produces quality leather products, is a platform for many young budding designers looking to showcase their products. Moostry’s main product is the laptop sleeves but they also feature wallets, pencil cases and watches. Their artisan collection is like a voice for budding designers who are looking to display their artistic talents and putting their designs in the market.

Moostry products are separated into classic and artisan collection. The classic collection of laptop sleeves ranges from $19.90 to $30, while the artisan collection which includes designs from local students and designers, ranges from $25 to $50. Moostry sees their laptop sleeves as more than just a laptop holder but as a fashionable accessory as well.

Focusing on online selling platforms, Moostry has their products on Carousell, Zalora, on their own website and a couple more. They look to expand to much more websites in the near future, showcasing products on various types of online platforms.

Moostry is founded by four aspiring entrepreneurs, Alex, Clarissa, Bryan and Zhi Yan. The group of four were inspired by Naiise, which is a company with a similar vision to what they set out to do.

“There’s so many great students with something to show but nowhere to show it. We want to be that platform to allow them to showcase their work.”  - Clarissa, co-founder of Moostry.






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