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SP Business Entrepreneurs Gallery Part 2

Take a look at our gallery of student-run businesses - that they set up with their own capital - as part of their final year practicum.  Here, students realise their dreams of becoming their own bosses even before they graduate and this is where ‘the rubber hits the road’ because our students get to keep their profits and absorb any losses incurred.


The Imprint Label

The Imprint Label (TIL) is a company that aims to celebrate the milestones in your life by turning your memories into phone cases.

TIL understands that in a world where everything is mass market, it’s hard to find something to call your own and they want each of their customers to feel special and unique by using elements of their own life. Hence, the idea of letting them put any design they desire on a phone case came about. This way, they would always have exactly what they want. Alternatively, customers can also browse through their pre-designed collection for purchase or inspiration.

Customers can have anything they want be it a drawing, a quote or even a picture of their grandmother. All they need to do is start by placing an order on their website. An email will be sent to the customer requesting for the picture they want on their phone. After replying, they can expect a mock up to be sent within 48 hours for confirmation of order. TIL has also recently added fountain pens to their gallery of products.

The four girls, Li Ting, Shelyee, Crescencio and Jia Hui started this business wanting to give meaning to simple everyday items and they definitely picked the right product. What better way is there to carry around a snapshot of your life than on the back of your phone?


That Convenience Store

That Convenience Store (TCS) is a Japanese inspired campus-based convenience store. With its first outlet located outside MLT12, the store provides drinks and snacks to all hilltop students and staff at affordable prices.

TCS is a store by students, for students. The owners, Wan Ming Yan, Jeremy Teo, Brian Chieng and Nadia Alsagoff carry out all campaigns and events with the student community in mind. With a history of multiple student collaborations and even an event partnership with Meiji, they hope to continue involving the community in future projects.

The company reaches out to the student population for different kinds of collaborations, helping them carry out events or even involving them in TCS projects. Currently the store has 10 student partners from different courses in SP that help with store operations while learning the basics of business such as sales, logistics, marketing, finance, etc.

TCS also brings in exclusive products direct from Japan for limited periods. Some of their popular products include Tokyo Banana and Shiroi Kobuto.

With the slogan ‘Surprise Yourself’, TCS is constantly coming up with new ideas to create hype within the school campus. The store is always looking for opportunities to celebrate and bring excitement into student life.

There’s always something new happening at That Convenience Store so drop by their store and “Surprise Yourself” today.


Talking About Me

Talking About Me? Dress head to toe with apparel and accessories from TAM and you might find yourself asking that. A company full of style and personality, TAM will make sure you’re “Dressed to the nines”. Founders Wong Hui Min, Sim Shi Rong, Christiana and Hing Li Yi were inspired by other blogshops to start their own brand of fashion.

TAM not only has an online presence, they also have a pop-up store occasionally opening at Singapore Polytechnic, NUS and various bazaars. Follow their Instagram for updates of where they will be opening next. Customers at their pop up stores also enjoy a personal styling service provided by the girls themselves.

TAM handpicks apparel and jewellery from different sources, including local design label Klarra. Their bags on the other hand are original designs handmade locally. Each bag holds its own story from the experiences of the individual girls. They hope to share a part of themselves, leaving behind pieces of TAM’s story with every design.

With the bags being their main focus, TAM aims to find beauty in their life and surroundings and transform that into wearable pieces. So why buy someone else’s story?

“It’s not about us, it’s about what we want to say and when customers purchase and wear our items, they’re supporting that.” – Hui Min

Price Range: Apparel: $15 - $29 | Accessories: $12 - $16 | Bags: $28 - $34


Hide & Sleek

Hide & Sleek is a brand ‘for every trendsetter, for every wanderer, for every artist’. – As their slogan says.  The name itself is a pun on the word ‘hyde’ the material used in making their products. A rather fitting name for a brand that’s equally as playful and mysterious.

Group members Ain Ashiqin, Ng Heng Yu, Ng Rui Sin and Wayne Chiang learnt the art of making leather products and meticulously create each of their customers’ products by hand. Such items include pencil cases, spectacle cases, wallets, card holders, laptop sleeves and many more. They’re capable of making whatever you want, allowing you to choose details such as the type of leather, thread colour and engraving.

It all started with the groups shared love for leather and their goal of making the youth of today able to carry genuine leather items, mixing affordability and the appreciation of pure leather products.

With a price range of $10 - $89 +, there’s a product for every price point. (Prices vary depending on design and craftsmanship)

“The leather item you carry should represent the individuality of the owner rather than something that’s mass market. That’s why we go for customisable and handcrafted.-There is a relationship between the one who makes the product and the one who carries it.” – Ain






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