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Final year Diploma in Business Administration (Marketing Management options) students were filled with a bewildering array of emotions on 10 February 2017. After a semester of hard work, determination and commitment, at last it was the day of the Marketing Plan Competition 2017 finals.

Students were tasked to develop a comprehensive year-long marketing plan for Mentholatum Singapore’s Sunplay SPF 130 brand. With this marketing plan, students had to fulfil the following three objectives - to strengthen Sunplay’s proposition as the outdoor suncare expert with SPF130 as the hero, grow Sunplay’s SPF130 lotion sales by 20 per cent and finally increase trial usage for Sunplay’s SPF130 lotion.

After a preliminary round of selection, three teams were selected and given an opportunity to pitch their marketing ideas to a panel of judges. Miss Lynn Yeo, Business Director of Metholatum Singapore, was the Guest-of-Honour for the event. Alongside, Mr Shawn Lee, Marketing Manager of Mentholatum Singapore, was also present at the Marketing Plan Competition.

Miss Winnie Woot, Course Chair of the Diploma in Business Administration (DBA), graced the event and delivered a welcome speech to encourage the participating teams.

Ms Lynn Yeo, the Guest-of-Honour, also delivered a speech to the audience. She stated, “There are four key skill sets that are enduring for present and future marketers, namely analytical skills, writing skills, creative thinking as well as relationship management.” She added, “Marketing is both an art and science of understanding your target markets’ needs, fulfilling them in the most cost effective way, generating demand through insightful campaigns, delivering goods and services through appropriate channels and optimizing investment to deliver reasonable returns for the organization. Doing all of these in a fast paced, changing landscape requires passion, commitment and entrepreneurial spirit.”

The panel of judges - from left to right: Mr Shawn Lee (Marketing Manager of Metholatum Singapore), Ms Lynn Yeo (Business Director of Mentholatum Singapore), Ms Winnie Woot (Course Chair of DBA)

At the end of the day, the champion team, Sunny Side Up, won over the judges and the audience with their comprehensive analysis and realistic ideas.

From left to right: Ms Lynn Yeo, Jessica Ekaputri Suprapto, Machida Hiroaki Hugo, Shermaine Lee Yi Ting, Kheo Sher Ning Rachel and Quek Xin Yi.

When asked about her experience, Shermaine Lee said, “It was a very memorable and refreshing experience as the entire process consisted of unexpected situations and we had to react to them as quickly as possible.”

The first runner-up was Team Sunny Solutions.

From left to right: Ms Lynn Yeo, Andrea Tong Le Jia, Chan Hui Min, Tan Lin Hui Charlene and Shim Pei Ying Amanda.

After the competition, Amanda Shim said, “The entire process was very enriching as it is something that we have never experienced before. Throughout our three years in Singapore Polytechnic, we have been trained to deliver presentations and hence it was definitely an honour to actually present in front of real industry clients.”

Team Kaleidoscope emerged as the second runner up.

From left to right: Ms Lynn Yeo, Sherlynn Tan Wen Min, Pek Qian Yu, Wong Lee San, Sherlene Mok Tzui Ying, Elaine Sim Li Ping and Peh Kai Li.

When asked about her most valuable learning point throughout the entire process, Wong Lee San stated, “I think it would be working together as a team because we had to collate the different ideas and decide as a team on how suitable and feasible each idea was. If a certain idea was rejected, we had to handle it well in order to avoid any conflicts. Moreover, we had to constantly encourage each other.” She then added, “It is not about the results but the process to get you there. Overall, it was a good experience as we got to work with a real life client.”

The Best Speaker award was presented to Shermaine Lee Yi Ting of Team Sunny Side Up, for display extraordinary professionalism and confidence during her presentation.

Ultimately, all three teams wowed the audience with their spectacular and insightful presentations. This entire competition offered an admirable learning experience for both the participants and audience. It was definitely an enriching experience for the students as they were exposed to real industry situations. It was also a great opportunity to be more work-life ready as teams proposed their ideas to the industry client.

Ms Lynn Yeo, Business Director of Metholatum Singapore summed up the intensity of the competition with these words.

“I was surprised by the quality of thinking the students had in many aspects and the ideas presented today were really remarkable. Some teams displayed extremely good analytical skills and all aspects of what a competent marketing person should do. Through the respective presentations, I am ascertain that Singapore Polytechnic has provided the students with sufficient knowledge and training”.

Additionally, Miss Winnie Woot, Course Chair of the Diploma in Business Administration (DBA) shared her thoughts with us and summed up the competition with these words.

“This competition was indeed a good exposure for the students and I am pleasantly surprise with the quality of thinking displayed by the students through their proposed ideas. It was difficult to select the winner but at the end of the day, the winning team was selected as their recommendations were closest to the clients’ brief.  The clients were very pleased with the presentations today and mentioned that there were some good ideas they can tap on for their next promotions.”

Overall, the integrated marketing project was a monumental success pushing students to liberate their creative minds while equipping them with the essential marketing skills to grow from.

All three finalist teams together with the panel of judges and Singapore Polytechnic’s Business School staff.

Article written by Germaine Lam Jia Min and Song Su Ling, Evangeline of DBA/FT/3B/11.






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