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Deepak Anandani

  1. A profile of your post SB journey / work career.

I graduated from SP with a Diploma in Banking and Finance (DBF) in 1996. I served NS till 1999.Upon completion of NS, I went to Kelly School of Business, Bloomington, Indiana to complete my undergraduate degree, majoring in Finance, International Business and Operations Management.Graduated in 2001 and joined Radha Exports Pte Ltd and worked under tutelage of her owner Naraindas Gangaram.I was appointed as Group President in 2007.




  1. Were you involved in any competitions? Or in any industry sponsored projects?

Participated in the intra faculty 5 a side football tournament where we emerged as champions in 1996.


  1.   What contributed towards your academic success?

Probably peer pressure! Didn’t want to be the last among the crew.


  1.   Was there a particular lecturer(s) in SB/SP who made an impact in your learning and maturing process?

 I enjoyed the rapport with all my lecturers to be honest.If I needed to single out any lecturers in particular, it would have to be Mr Lee Chong Hwa and Mrs Wong Mei Shan.Their styles were very different. The former carried a more direct approach, while the latter imparted her ideas through velvet gloves. Both made me nurture and believe in my business instincts.I think that assisted me in choosing my career options upon completion of my undergraduate degree.


  1.   Do you have any advice for SB’s current students?

Enjoy your education! You are never going to get those years back.The energy levels, the freedom to experiment, the time on your hands are gifts you only really appreciate when you start focusing on building your career.


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