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Fang Jianyong

Brief profile of yourself and career (include year of graduation from SP)

Graduated from SP in the year of 2010, I am presently pursuing a Bachelor of Banking and Finance degree with the University of London, a course offered by Singapore Institute of Management (GE). It is my real honour to be a sports scholar of the year, a door which opened me up to many great opportunities.

I am planning to enter the finance industry to gain some experience once I have graduated.

Describe your life in SB/SP. Which diploma did you pursue? What was your CCAs?

I pursued the Diploma in Business Administration, Supply Chain Option and was part of the SP track and field team.
In my final year at SP, I studied the New Venture Planning module with Ms Audrey Lai. She contributed to my passion to have a start-up business. Currently I have an online store selling sports equipment, and in the near future I wish to explore into other business areas.

Were you involved in any competitions? Or in any industry sponsored projects?

I represented SP in numerous running competitions. I am currently training hard to represent Singapore at the 2015 SEA Games which is taking place on our home ground! My events are the 800 m and 1500 m race.

Was there a particular lecturer(s) in SB/SP who made an impact in your learning and maturing process?

I would say it is quite a life changing day. I was called into the School of Business Director’s office. The words he said still vividly remained in my head. “We can’t give you the sports award even through your performance in your sport is excellent. Looking at your results and the feedback from your lecturers weren’t good at all. An award winner shouldn’t have this kind of negative attitude, be it in your sporting field or academically”. That was the wake-up call for me!

In life, there are two paths everyone can choose to take. The downhill route, which is definitely the easier one, but it leads to the valley. The uphill route, which is going to be a lot harder, but it leads to the top of the mountain, the summit.

Borrowing words from one wise person, “You have to try it when you are young!”
So to my juniors, be courageous and never be afraid to venture into the unknown or the less taken path!

Do you have any advice for SB’s current students?

Face every task or challenge with a positive mindset, knowing that the greatest benefactor is not those who receive your help, but you yourself. Make use of every opportunity that comes in your life, these are the important life lessons that will shape you into a greater person.

Leo Fang Jianyong





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