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Iwan Yuliyanto

  1. A profile of your post SB journey / work career. Please do highlight any awards, commendation, and achievements you have to date.
    1. After graduating from Singapore Polytechnic, I was blessed to be granted full scholarships from Sembcorp Industries Ltd, to pursue Degree in Accountancy in Nanyang Business School, NTU.
    2. I graduated with First Class Honors and was a Valedictorian nominee. I had perfect GPA for 2 semesters (out of 5 graded semesters, one semester was non-graded due to exchange program).
    3. I had exchange program in University College Dublin (Ireland) for a semester. I had also the opportunity to complete my internship in United Arab Emirates under Sembcorp.
    4. I had the honor to be the pioneer President of Nanyang Business School Exchange club for 2 years.
    5. At the same time, I was the Financial Controller of Nanyang Business School Tax Advisory Club and Vice Chairperson for NTU Hall 13 Charity.
    6. I am now a Deputy CFO for Sembcorp Green Infra Limited and will be based in Delhi soon.
  2. Describe your life  in SB/SP

– I graduated from Diploma in Accountancy in 2009. My CCA was SB Student Ambassador.


  1. What contributed towards your academic success?

No matter how tough the environment you are in, you have to be determined and persistent, never give up. Always believe that nothing will be wasted if you put your best effort, as there will definitely be lessons to be learnt in every opportunity and challenge.

Time management is very important as well. Make a habit to allocate time for your learning, make a balance out of your 24 hours a day, make sure you have sufficient time for rest, play and study.

Lastly, do not compare yourself with others, you should strive to improve and be a better you, be it academically or in life.

  1. Was there a particular lecturer(s) in SB/SP who made an impact in your learning and maturing process? Perhaps in terms of:

I would like to thank all lecturers who had guided me throughout my poly life, everyone is equally important and I am very  grateful.


  1. Do you have any advice for SB’s current students?


Be confident in yourself. Nobody is born smart. Different people will have different style of learning, some will absorb knowledge faster than the others. Understand yourself more and find a suitable way to improve your learning, no hard and fast rule, just trial and error. You will find your own best way to excel in your academic pursuit.


Be grateful and don’t take things for granted. We are all very fortunate to have the opportunity to pursue an education so cherish it and don’t let your loved ones down.







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