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Jeremy Ng

Jeremy graduated in 1992 from the Diploma in Business Administration (Retail Management) and went on to Curtin University of Technology. This is his illustrious career to date:

a.  1997 : Sales & Marketing Executive, Royal Sporting House
b.  1998 : Sales Executive, Coca-Cola Singapore
c.  2002 : Sales Manager, Adidas Singapore
d.  2006 : Regional Sales Manager, Crocs Asia Pacific
e.  2007 : National Account Manager, Nestle Singapore
f.   2011 : Regional Sales Manager, Kellogg Asia Pacific
g.  2013 : Regional Sales Manager, Mott’s Snapple International

In SP, Jeremy was active in the SB Club participating in many soccer events.

What contributed to his academic / career success? :

The 3 C’s…!
a. Curiosity – I’ve always been curious to learn or try new things, although the trying of new things sometimes led to unconventional results, so to speak. But I guess the eagerness to learn was a crucial element during my academic years and it certainly helped me to gain new knowledge.

b. Creativity – Being curious also led to me not wanting to follow the norms. I was always trying new ways to do old things, especially if it enables me to achieve the same objective in a faster or easier way.

c. Challenges – Life is always full of challenges and not being fully constrained made it more motivating to meet each challenges as they come. I honestly feel that the structure in SP had always enabled me to satisfy my curiosity in a creative, less structured manner, in order to allow me to overcome the many challenges that came along the way. With this, I was also able to progress in life and career in a similar manner and what I had gone through in SP had stood me in good stead…

Jeremy remembered the following lecturers fondly :

There were many lecturers that I remember fondly that had made an impact not only to me but to my fellow classmates as well.
In fact, 2 of them, Ms Sarah Lim & Ms Veronica Wong are still teaching in SP, 22 years after I’ve graduated. It is this strong dedication and care shown to the students that has not only motivated the students to achieve their very best in their studies, but had also provided the strong motivation for us to succeed. Even now, I can still see the same level of dedication & care shown by the both of them towards the current batch of SP students. I’m confident that the students are in good hands.

This is Jeremy’s advice for students:
The economic conditions are constantly changing, and there are certainly no easy meal out there. What is learnt in school merely provides the students with a basic foundation to survive and succeed in the real world. A lot depends on hardwork (lot’s of it!), a yearning to learn, a strong will to compete, and most importantly, constantly upgrading oneself in a world full of innovation and changes. The competition is now not just limited to fellow Singaporeans, but to many “Foreign Talents” hungry to succeed in Singapore as well. Be confident of yourself and with your abilities. Try your very best first, instead of just trying to air your own grievances. Most of all, never stop learning. Even now, I’m constantly learning as I expand my horizons beyond Singapore. I’m even learning from my younger colleagues and subordinates as they may have better ways of getting the job done. That’s why I hired them in the first place.










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