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Post SB Journey:

After graduation in 2013, I worked with Singapore Press Holdings Ltd. to experience the real working environment. It is not directly related to my Diploma in International Business (DIB) but I’ve gained valuable soft skills like people management, customer retention and understood the organizations’ business model a little more. Being a full-time employee, it is definitely a different experience than being an intern. I did my internship overseas (Abu Dhabi, UAE) and therefore the local experience was an additional exposure. Currently I am a full-time student in Singapore Management University (SMU) doing Information Systems Management. I took a different approach as I wish to broaden my personal skill, hoping to merge my Diploma in International Business with a Degree in Information Systems to achieve my goals.


  • Certificate of Commendation (Diploma in International Business Scholarship; 2012)
  • Certificate of Commendation (Honour Roll 2012/2013 Sem1)
  • Certificate of Commendation (SB Ambassador Welfare Manager)
  • CCA Certificate of Attainment Gold with Honours

Life in SP was vibrant and I was given many opportunities to meet different people from the various events and activities I was involved in. My most memorable moment was when I was given the chance to be in charge of hosting students from Chitralada School, Thailand. My social circle expanded beyond Singapore and I still keep in contact with friends from Thailand, Korea, Japan, U.A.E and China. Working with clients and dealing with actual business scenarios has also provided me with more understanding in the topic of studies. I learnt to be more vocal and expressive with negotiation skills which were all helpful for me in university. Overall, SP has allowed me to experience learning with a more hands on approach as well as through my CCAs:

Singapore Polytechnic Advisory Committee for Education and Relations (ACERs)

  • SP Escapade 2011

School of Business Ambassador (Committee Member: Welfare Manager)

  • I Mean Business 2011,2012
  • SP Open House 2011,2012,2013,2014

Diploma in International Business Committee

  • Europe Seminar Organizer
  • DIB Bonding Day 2011


  • National Day Parade[NDP] 2010
  • Orientation Camp Committee Member 2011

What contributed to my academic success? Being participative in tutorials was one contributor. The friendly and approachable lecturers also contributed towards my grades. They were available even after curriculum time for me to clear doubts. Project work and competitions served as crucial tool in applying what I’ve learnt and allowed me to understand the topic better:


Which lecturers I remember fondly? 

*Mr Rajan was one lecturer who conducts lessons out of class.  We had mock interviews in actual settings in NUS Graduate Guild and Dining Etiquette lesson in one of Singapore Cricket Club’s restaurant.

There were many lecturers who had provided me with the different opportunities to lead and stand out. The DIB teaching team, Ms Angela Koh, Ms Audrey Lai, Ms Szeto- Pang Li Lee were a few of those lecturers who have allowed me to explore myself and impart values such as confidence, open-mindedness and being responsible.

*Ms Wang Pheck Hoon, my PTN in early Year 2 supported me while I was having difficulties. She provided me with a lot of support and listened to my problems, and showed me directions I could take for me to help myself. At the same time, she was teaching my class Leadership and Emotional Intelligence. I felt that she had helped me to get through that difficult time and I was really grateful.

My advice for current and future SB students: Being open-minded and passionate to learn is important. Be ready to make mistakes and learn from them. Do not be afraid to voice out. Make friends with people from different diplomas and faculty. Ask your lecturers out for coffee and chat with them. Communication is key!



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