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Kenneth Teo

After my Singapore Polytechnic journey, I went on to pursue a degree in Banking and Finance awarded by Murdoch University.

I was the Valedictorian for the cohort of 2013 and was conferred the Vice Chancellor’s Commendation award for academic excellence for having achieved 90% High Distinctions and Distinctions on my educational transcript.

Life in Singapore Polytechnic’s school of Business had been a topsy turvy journey for me. I started off on a low and managed to finish off on a high. I was enrolled into the Diploma in Business Administration course, majoring in Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

To be honest, I wasn’t exactly the ideal student at that point in time as I had too much on my plate and didn’t know what to prioritize. I was too caught up with what’s happening at home and wasn’t really involved with anything the school could offer – be it in terms of CCAs, industry sponsored projects or competitions.

What led to my turn around however, was during the time I did my internship. Despite having a GPA score that was insignificant to my peers, I was placed in a company that was considered one of the top players in its industry. I took that as an opportunity to restart my life. To add on, my then liaison lecturer (Ms Olivia Koh) and internship supervisor (Ms Evelyn Teo) placed their faith in me, assuring me that my past was a minor setback and there is so much to look forward to. Their words of encouragement and trust acted like a catalyst, adding impetus to my turnaround as I completed my final 2 semesters.

I managed to finish off strongly, closing off with substantial semester -on- semester GPA improvements.

I never looked back since then and promised myself that if I were to study again, I would not let myself down and will give my very best in achieving my degree. And that was exactly what happened - I gave my all while studying for my degree and struck an objective balance between study and play time.
The lecturers in Singapore Polytechnic that really had a foothold on my life are Ms Audrey Lai, Ms Olivia Koh, and Mr Anthony. They had been more than lecturers to me as they provided emotional support likened to that provided by parents. Their dedication in seeing each and every one achieve its potential has left me feeling really grateful as I could have easily fallen further off track in the absence of their support and encouragement.

To close off, the advice that I would give to current students will be:

1. Do what you feel passionate about and not allow the weight of expectations of the world dictate what you should work as. Your work is going to fill a      large part of your life and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do great work. The only way to do great work then is to first love/feel passionate about what you do. If you haven’t found that yet, keep searching and don’t settle.

2. Live each day like your last, and because it’s your last, you should maximise the utility of your time. You do not want to leave this world with regrets of not giving your all or maximizing the utility of your time.

3. Lastly, you have only probably lived 25% of your life - do not give up even if your life has seen much troubles and despair. Remember, it’s only 25% we’re talking about here and you have the next 75% to create a better life for yourself. Procrastinate no more and refer back to points 1 & 2. 














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