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Certificate in Teaching

The Certificate in Teaching is designed to provide quality training for teaching and training professionals in SP. The programme focuses on the core competencies of teaching, the essential underlying knowledge bases and the personal dispositions related to highly effective teaching and training.

The course aims to develop professional competence in teaching and learning. To facilitate this, the focus is on the specific competencies that are related to highly effective teaching and learning and aligned to the Learning Roadmap (login required).

This course is committed to encourage the development of teaching and training personnel who have a full understanding of what it means to be a highly effective teaching/training professional who constantly seek to continually improve their teaching competence.

CT Participants: Please login to Blackboard by clicking here and go to the Teaching and Learning Hub (under "My Modules") to access the material and resources for the workshops as well as other resources for the CT programme.

What will the course be focussing on?

There are 4 core competences in the Certificate in Teaching programme. They are:

1. Learning Design and Management
2. Assessment
3. Student Management
4. Reflective Practice

What is the structure of the course?

The course extends over a 12 month period and contains 3 parts:

Part 1 - Induction Programme

New lecturers when they are first appointed, have to attend a one week induction programme which will have elements of the CT programme to equip lecturers with some pedagogic skills before they begin teaching.

Part 2 - Learning Design Project

For part 2 of the CT course, lecturers are expected to engage in the design of a project that would showcase their ability to integrate notebook activities and the core principles of learning into the design of their project. This is a active learning workshop where participants will be taken through a simulated lesson to give them a taste of good design as well as to get them to reflect on the lesson itself. Participants will then need to work in groups to come up with their own design with the help of our Education Advisors. Groups will then have an opportunity to present their work to their peers for comment and feedback. Lecturers will need to document this in their Teaching Portfolio.

Part 3 - Specialised Workshops

Part 3 comprises of specialised workshops that help hone the competency of lecturers in the 4 areas. These workshops will be held every week for half a day as lecturers will have this half day professional development time factored into their timetable. Lecturers will not only be expected to attend these workshops, they are also expected to participate in all assignments before they can be considered having attended the workshop.

What Do I Have To Do To Complete The Course?

You will need to complete all 3 parts of the course as well as deliver the following in a teaching portfolio to your ESD facilitator. You will need to do all this within ONE year of you joining SP.


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