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Certificate in Software Programming & Applications (PCSPA)

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What You Will Study

There will be four modules in two major areas (Programming Application and Software Application) as shown in the diagram below:

For this Diploma-Plus programme, classes will commence in Year 1, Semester 2.

The total hours allocated for the modules are as follows:

Year Sem Module Code Module Name Hours per week Module Fee
Year 1 S2 MS8511 C# Programming
This module covers the fundamental aspects of computer programming using C# programming language in the .NET framework. Students will be taught the various constructs of the language such as data types, input/output, control and loop structures, functions, arrays and string handling. On completion of this module, students should have gained adequate knowledge to use the language for object-oriented program development. Programming can be done in smartphones.
3 $100
Year 2 S1 MS8510 Spreadsheet Programming & Database Management
This module aims to equip students with the fundamental of spreadsheet programming and concept of database management. Students will be taught VBA in Excel for application development. In addition, an understanding of database concepts and the use of MS Access to develop database applications will be demonstrated. Students enrolled in the programme will be provided with trainings to sit for Microsoft Office Specialist (Excel) certification.
3 $100
Year 2 S2 MS8505 Object-Oriented Development
This module introduces the concepts of class design and equips students with fundamental object-oriented development skills. C# programming language is used as a vehicle to demonstrate encapsulation, inheritance, polymorphism and interfaces using the object-oriented paradigm.
2 $100
Year 3 S1 MS8506 .NET Applications
This module prepares students to do client server development in the .NET framework. It covers essential development details with regards to graphical user interface development and accessing database using ADO.NET. It also provides a brief introduction to Internet application development using ASP.NET.
3 $100
  total $400