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Certificate in Enterprise Linux Administration (PCELA)

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What You'll Study

The course comprises two modules and one bootcamp, and will be conducted over two semesters:

Module Code Module Name Period Total Hours Fee(excl GST)
ET0250 Enterprise Linux Essentials

Year 2 Sem 2



ET0251 Enterprise Linux System Administration

Year 3 Sem 1



- Bootcamp for Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA) certification

Year 3 Sem 1 Vacation



Students must complete and pass all assessments in the 2 modules, attend the Bootcamp programme and sit for the RHCSA certification examination to be awarded the Certificate in Enterprise Linux Administration.

The assessment of student performance consists of in-course assessments. These will comprise quizzes and practical tests.


Sypnoses of Modules

ET0250 Enterprise Linux Essentials

Students learn the basics of a Linux system through essential Linux commands and some GUI utilities. Students will:

  • Understand the Linux file systems structure
  • Open, edit, and save text documents using the vi editor
  • Understand users, groups and file access permissions
  • Use I/O redirection and pipes
  • Find and process files
  • Investigate and manage processes
  • Use network utilities
  • Use system configuration and administration tools

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ET0251 Enterprise Linux System Administration

The module focuses on skills in system administration on Enterprise Linux, to a level where students can attach and configure a workstation on an existing network. It provides intensive hands-on training on Enterprise Linux. Students will :

  • Manage software packages with yum and rpm
  • Understand system and service initialization
  • Configure kernel parameters and manage processes and memory
  • Set up core services: Logging, Printing, X Window System
  • Automate tasks with cron and anacron
  • Manage existing file systems and integrate new file systems
  • Perform user and group administration
  • Understand IPv4 and IPv6 networking
  • Connect to network directory services like NIS and LDAP
  • Backup and protect file systems
  • Implement advanced partitioning schemes like Software RAID and LVM
  • Install Enterprise Linux Interactively and with Kickstart
  • Troubleshoot basic system problems

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Bootcamp for Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA) certification

This is a 30-hour-long hands-on programme that will prepare students for RHCSA Certification Exam.

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