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1 Is this course different from other hospitality courses, and if yes, what is the difference? What skills will I acquire if I choose to study this course?

Unlike other hospitality programmes that train students only in one aspect (hotel management), the DHLFM Course trains the students in two distinct disciplines, namely Hotel Management, and Facilities Management. Upon graduation, students can choose to work either in hotels or other properties.
2 Besides getting a diploma in Hotel & Leisure Facilities Management, what other additional certificates can I get from this course?

You will be awarded two extra certificates : Fire Safety Manager Certificate & Building Construction Safety Supervisor Certificate. Graduates from this course usually get a slightly higher starting salary because of these certificates.
3 Are there any scholarships available to the students taking this course?

Yes. We have various scholarships and sponsorships from within our school as well as those awarded by external industry partners. The Singapore Building & Construction Authority (BCA) and Marina Bay Sands (MBS) are some of the partners currently providing such opportunities to our students.
4 Where can I further my studies after completing the DHLFM Diploma?

There are many options - locally, you can study in NUS, NTU or SIT (Singapore Institute of Technology). Good overseas universities offering courses in Hotel Management and Facilities Management include those in Australia, UK, USA and Switzerland.
5 What kind of companies will I be doing my internship in?

For Hotel Management, Internship will do done in major five-star hotels and Singapore, like Marina Bay Sands, Hilton, Conrad, Fairmont, etc. For Facilities Management, Internship will be with reputable property developers and consultants, like Capitaland, Mapletree, Colliers, Knight Frank, etc
6 What are the career prospects for graduates of this course?

Currently there is a very great demand for graduates with both hotel management and facilities management alike. Many hotels are facing labour shortage, and for properties, there are thousands of different properties in Singapore that require good people to manage.
7 What kind of training do I get during the three years of study in this course?

The strength of this course is in its 'authentic learning' element where students get to do a lot of 'hands-on' training, like being involved in F1 Grand Prix, outdoor catering experiences, going for hotel and site visits, attending talks by industry personnel, doing industry-linked projects, etc. There is never a dull moment, as students are being engaged, not just in the classroom environment, but out-of-classroom.
8 What kind of overseas exposure is available?

Every year we organise different kinds of overseas trips to prepare students to have a global mind set. Some trips include Stanford University (Leadership training), United Arab Emirates (where the world's most prestigious hotels can be found), Switzerland (the hallmark of hospitality), Phuket (running international resorts), Star Cruise (floating hotel). Students can also choose to join in the overseas community service programmes heading typically to China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, etc.