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What You'll Study

First Year

Module Code Module Name Total Hours
BE6101 Law
Gives an appreciation of the nature, sources of law and the structure and hierarchy of courts in Singapore. It introduces Law of Contract and Torts and their roles in business and economic activity.
BE6102 Introduction to Hotel and Leisure Facilities Management
Provide students with an understanding of the management of the diverse and dynamic hotel industry. It covers the history of various types of lodgings, the trends, the classifications of hotels by type, location, and price, the economics of hotel business, the organisation structures, with an appreciation of lodging environments, franchising and management contracts. It gives an overview of the management policies, corporate philosophies and strategies involved in hotel management. It will cover hotel staffing, co-ordination of activities within the hotel and the interdependent relationship among the various departments.
BE6103 Structure and Fabric
Gives students an understanding of elementary building construction, renovation and refurbishment of low rise buildings, including the materials, the structural elements, the architecture components and finishes. Students will learn the different forms of building construction with the use of drawings and apply this understanding to construction, renovation and refurbishment work to buildings.
BE6105 Principles of Management
Provides students with an understanding of the principles of management. Students will be introduced to the process of management, decision making, organisation behaviour & culture, organisation structure & design, leadership and motivation theories, group dynamics, communication and interpersonal skills.
BE6106 Building Services I
Equips students with the knowledge of mechanical and electrical engineering systems including water supply, sanitary plumbing and drainage, gas installation, refuse disposal, electrical distribution, lightning protection and telecommunication.
BE6107 Front Office Management
Provides students with an understanding of front office operations during the four stages of guest cycle, namely, pre-arrival, arrival, occupancy and departure. It outlines the roles and responsibilities of staff members at the front office including professional work practices and skills. It also covers the registration process and options, internet booking, guest information, the blacklist, different types of reservations, payment methods, front office accounting fundamentals, night audit and yield management.
BE6109 Economics
Gives students an understanding of basic microeconomic and macroeconomic concepts. Topics covered include resource allocation, demand and supply, price determination, production equilibrium, market structure, national income, macro equilibrium and objectives, money, monetary & fiscal policies and international trade.
BE6110 Food & Beverage Operations
Gives students an understanding of the efficient operation of kitchen, catering, restaurant, bars room services, etc in the context of hotel and leisure facilities. Students will be taught the structure and operation of the hotel kitchen, design of menu, menu pricing, restaurant decor, furnishing & operation equipment, beverage selection and pricing, the purchasing, receiving, storage and distribution of supplies for the various operating departments, dining and banquet management, food production & hygiene, front-of-house and back-of-house maintenance.
BE6111 Leisure Amenities Management
Gives students an understanding of leisure facilities and other amenities and their maintenance and management. It covers leisure facilities such as external works, club houses, gyms, swimming pools, spas, Jacuzzi, saunas, steam rooms, games rooms, tennis and squash courts, business centre, playgrounds and landscaping gardens.
MS3510 IT Applications
Gives students an understanding of general principles and strategies of developing relevant database applications and simple statistical concepts & analysis. Students will learn to use IT applications for gathering, organizing and managing information for decision making and reports.
SP101A Education and Career Guidance 1
A compulsory module for all first year students, ECG 1 aims to develop an understanding of personal interests, strengths, values and life goals. With greater knowledge and understanding of self, planning and decision making in choosing a future career can be better developed. Some topics covered in ECG 1 include ‘Defining My SP Life’, ‘Personal Branding’, ‘Discovering My Interests’, ‘Planning for Success – My Personal Action Plan’ and more.

Second Year

Module Code Module Name Total Hours
BE6201 Environmental Management and Sustainability
Describe sustainability and its role in the overall business strategy of an organisation. This module covers utilities management, energy savings initiatives and techniques, building automation, developing sustainable buildings, green building technologies, waste control and reduction.
BE6202 Accounts and Finance
Gives students an understanding of the basic concepts and principles of accounting. Types of business organisations, preparation and interpretation of balance sheet and profit & loss statement, basic financial ratio analysis, sources of finance, cash flow analysis and budget & variance will also be taught.
BE6203 Building Services II
Equips students with the knowledge of mechanical & electrical engineering systems including lighting, ventilation, air conditioning, lifts and escalators.
BE6204 Customer Relationship Management
Gives students the basic skills and understanding necessary for effective customer service in hospitality industry. Students will learn the four components of Customer Relation Management viz. information, process, technology and people. The module also gives a general overview in cross cultural studies.
BE6206 Rooms Division Operations and Management
Provides detailed analysis of the policies and procedures utilised in managing the rooms division of a hotel. It outlines the main functions of the rooms division, front desk, the engineering and maintenance departments, the organisational structure, the duties and responsibilities of key executives and department heads and the importance of effective communication between related departments. It also covers the day-to-day functions of an effective housekeeping department, cleanliness standards, housekeeping procedures, inspecting, cleaning supplies and equipment, including roles of various parties, duty rosters, checklist and housekeeping supervision. Students will be taught the methods to manage inventories and to control expenses.
BE6207 Event and Venue Management
Provides an introduction to event management. In particular, it will cover all the stages of event management including initiation, planning, implementation, staging the event and completing the event.
BE6208 Building Maintenance Technology
Gives students an understanding of the factors leading to building deterioration and defects. It also gives students the ability to identify common building defects, diagnose their cases and understand their respective preventive and remedial measures.
BE6209 Fire Safety Management
Prepares students for the duties of a Fire Safety Manager. It covers the similar contents of the Fire Safety Manager Course offered by the SCDF. The principles of fire and fire safety design and management will be covered.
BE6213 Property and Facilities Maintenance Management
Give students an understanding of the importance of property & facilities maintenance management in the overall success of an organisation and its business. The various aspects of property & facilities maintenance management including planning, organisation and execution of maintenance work, keeping records and documentation, life cycle costing, estimating and budgeting, tenancy management, project and improvement work, contract administration, maintenance and operation, etc. will be covered. The legislations governing maintenance of properties in Singapore will also be covered.
BE6214 IT for Hotel and Leisure Facilities Management
Equips students with the knowledge of IT applications used for hospitality industry for various work processes and operations such as room reservation, guest data, room management, housekeeping, front desk, accounting and reporting. Introduces IT applications for facilities management on planning & scheduling projects, work processes and operations such as work orders, purchase requests, managing maintenance tasks and budget control.
BE6215 Principles of Marketing and Public Relations
Gives students an understanding of the role of marketing and Public Relations (PR) in the leisure and hotels industry. Students will learn the functions, planning process, techniques and tools of integrated marketing communications in the context of the industry. Students will also learn the context, functions, media relations, traditional and new media, and tools of PR to achieve maximum coverage.
LC8003 Social Innovation Project
Aims to equip students with the Design Thinking mindset, methods and tools to conceptualise innovative solutions for real life problems. Students will explore a social cause, go through the practical rigour of the Design Thinking process and apply suitable tools to fulfil the objectives of the project. Students will also be exposed to trends and issues related to themes, such as Healthcare, Active Ageing, Environment, and Social Integration. In the process, they will develop a better understanding of themselves and the world, as well as the positive impact they can make.

Third Year

Module Code Module Name Total Hours
BE6302 Integrated Project
Aims to develop initiative, self-reliance and organisational abilities by making students work independently in a simulated work situation. It consists of an in-depth study, under the guidance of a tutor, of a topic related to actual practice in hotel management or property & facilities management. It draws upon the various aspects of the course content and may require a thorough literature search & field-work and the writing of a report, model making or video or CD production or the writing of application software. An element of creativity, innovation and enterprise (CIE), is also required.
BE6307 Hotel Operations and Management
Gives students an understanding of the concept, theories, and skills required by managers in the operation of the hotels, lodgings and resort facilities. It covers job descriptions, selection and recruitment, appraisal, training and other matters relating to human resource in the hotel industry. Students will also be exposed to salient points in the employment act such as terms of employment, contract of service, salaries, working hours, holiday & leave and termination. The Hotel Act and Innkeeper Law will also be introduced.
BE6308 Maintenance of Building Services
Provides students with an appreciation of the operation and maintenance of mechanical and electrical systems of buildings.
BE6311 Internship Programme
Provides opportunity to gain professional working experience through attachments to local or overseas companies or organisations. Students are required to prepare a report and proper documentation on the internship programme.
22 weeks
BE6312 Safety, Health and Security
Gives students an understanding of safety, health & welfare of workmen at the work place and in particular, in carrying out renovation, refurbishment & facilities management work. It also deals with the sources of indoor air pollutions and the control of indoor air quality. The installation and operation of modern building security systems, management, planning & deployment of security personnel for the safety of occupants will also be covered..


Students also opt for an elective module from each of the contrasting areas of focus:

Elective 1 & Elective 2:

Module Code Module Name Total Hours
BE6313 Cross Cultural Studies
Gives students an understanding of the globalisation of business and the impact of culture on operating and managing business in a multicultural market and workplace. Students will be given an appreciation of culture generally and an understanding of cultural differences among people, methods of dealing with the differences and cross-cultural communication.
BE6314 Travel and Leisure Management
This module offers an introduction and overview of the issues and opportunities in today’s international tourism industry, the history and structure of the industry, an examination of the broader tourism landscape, the local travel agency business, sale of tourism products and service, tour packages, tourist transportation, and an appreciation of the Travel Agents Act.
BE6315 Property Management
Gives students an understanding of the applicable legislations governing the management of strata titled properties including residential, office, retail, industrial and mixed developments. Students will also learn the functions of a Town Council in the management and maintenance of a public housing estate.
BE6316 Building and Refurbishment
Gives students an understanding of the construction of more complex building structures. It covers advanced sub-structure works such as piled foundations, basement construction, retaining structure and temporary works. Super-structure elements covered include specialist flooring, steel trusses, external walls, doors and windows and external work.


Please note: Course structure subjected to change.


Chong Sui Jeen

Diploma in Hotel & Leisure Facilities Management
Class of 2017

"My DHLFM course have taught me how to apply knowledge gained in school to real life situations. One example will be my 6-month internship with CapitaLand Limited where I was stationed at a residential site calling and communicating with residents. The role have taught me how to solve problems and mitigate difficult situations. I liked that I learnt how to better manage customer service and I have also gained a lot of soft skills such as empathy."