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Research on using IT technology to enhance hotel service


A group of final year students embarked on a research project on how hotels can enhance their services through implementation of IT technology such as using the guest mobile phones to access the hotel rooms.

Hotels such as Hotel Jen (previously known as Traders Hotel), W Hotel and Orchard Hotel participated in the study and had benefitted from the students’ report.

“Through this project, I managed to learn more about the ever-changing industry and how we are constantly changing to fit our guests’ needs. As we took on the topic of IT Technology, we learned that more people are tech-savy these days and how adjusting to such needs will help improve the hotel services and hence meeting the needs of our guests. For example, using a mobile phone as “key card” to access hotel rooms is something new and intriguing to the industry. Guests will be able to benefit as they do not have to carry an extra key card or worry about leaving their key in the room.” – Jerome, final year student.






Jerome, a final year student, showing how a hotel room can be accessed using a mobile phone.