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Mosquito Dunk Dispenser won top prize in Green Wave Competition

Combating dengue fever has become a national priority in recent years, with stagnant water being the main culprit for the breeding of the Aedes mosquito which spreads this disease. With this in mind, three students from the Diploma in Property Development & Facilities Management course set out to think of an innovative way to combat the breeding of Aedes mosquitoes. For their final year project, Gerald Teong Wei Lun, Lee Ke Wei and Tham Mei Wen came up with the idea of a mosquito dunk dispenser which makes it less painful for house owners to ensure that there is no stagnant water in roof gutters - a main source of water stagnation in buildings.

The BTI dunk dispenser can be kept in the roof gutters with one year's dosage of BTI dunks. It spares the house owners from the inconvenience of climbing up and down the roof monthly to replace mosquito dunks

What is a BTI Dunk? At locations where stagnant water cannot be totally eradicated, BTI dunks are used by Estate Managers to treat the water chemically, making it hostile to the laying of eggs. The dispenser is a weather proof plastic container housing multiple pieces of BTI dunks in a vertical column, allowing a solid dunk of BTI to slide down to the bottom of the dispenser by gravity whenever the lowest piece of the dunk in the interactive zone is completely dissolved.

The design allows only the resident BTI dunk inside the dispenser to be in contact with the stagnant water, and the rest would be kept dry, being held in the holder waiting to be dispensed, instead of the current practice and its associated inconvenience of having to tie a dunk which can get dislodged or accidentally flushed out.

This project has won the students the top prize in the Greenwave competition 2007 and also the honour of being featured in LianHe ZaoBao on 23 Jan 2008.