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Students won prizes in the "Greening our Built Environment Competition"


Two students’ teams from the Diploma in Civil Engineering with Management course participated in the Inaugural Greening our Built Environment Competition in September 2010. This competition was organised by the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) to create awareness on green buildings and the usefulness of recycled materials among students.


The models can take the form of any of the following in a miniature-style – whole building types, interiors (e.g. atriums, rooms), roof gardens, or decorative elements that form part of a building (e.g. screens, wall art, indoor fountains, seats). Materials allowed in this competition include any used or recycled materials made of paper, wood, plastic or metal e.g. newspapers, cardboard boxes, plastic bottles, aluminium cans, as well as construction wastes or biodegradable materials like coconut fibres, biodegradable plastic etc.


The intricately-designed building models built by these 2 teams were shortlisted out of 24 submissions to the final round. They were displayed at the BCA Green Building Exhibition at Marina Square from 9 to 12 September 2010 for public voting and final judging by a panel of industry experts.


Our teams won the Merit and Consolation Prize. Congratulations to them!