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Civil Engineering with Business student won bronze prize at National Junior Robotic Competition 2010




Bally Soh, a first year Diploma in Civil Engineering with Business (DCEB) student, recently won a bronze prize at the National Junior Robotic (NJR) Competition 2010, where his team competed against 53 other teams in the tertiary category. The competition, held on 9 and 11 September 2010 at the Singapore Science Center, tested contestants’ skills in designing and programming robots to climb poles, burst balloons and collect a tennis ball before moving to a designated position.


A chance at winning the grand prize of a Japan trip sparked off Bally’s interest and passion in robotics two years ago. Since then he has been participating in the robotics competition and his enthusiasm did not die off even though he enrolled in a course unrelated to robotics in SP. In fact, SP has provided him with a bigger platform to be involved and indulge in his passion. He came to know about the NJR Competition 2010 during the freshmen orientation week and through the SP magazine. His desire to participate was so overwhelming that it spurred him to walk from W5 to T15, to W14 and then to T12 till he finally found the lecturer in-charge of the competition.


His victory did not come easy. He and his team had put in a lot of hard work in designing, producing and programming the robot. They were in school from 9am to 5pm daily during the 3-week YOG break to program, test and modify the robot to perfection. Their efforts bore fruit when the team scored full marks in the qualifying rounds, the 1st Surprise Mission and the Surprise Challenge Round. Bally will continue to pursue his interest in robotics and is gearing up for next year’s NJR competition. His greater ambition is to take part in the World Robotics Olympiad in the near future.