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DEWT students particpated in Challenges in Environmental Science and Engineering CESE 2011, Taiwan.

Eye Opening: “Young and Small but Impactful” A Journey to Achieve the Best Oral Presentation Award in the International Conference in Environmental Science and Engineering cum Study Trip in Taiwan (25- 30 September 2011) .


The 4th International conference on Challenges in Environmental Science and Engineering (CESE 2011) was held in Tainan, Taiwan from 25- 30 September 2011. Initially the annual conference was organised by James Cook University, Australia and Deakin University, Australia. Under the same Chairman, A/P Jega V. Jegatheesan, the 4th conference was hosted by Chia Nan University of Pharmacy and Science, under the Department of Environmental Engineering and Science, Tainan, Taiwan.


Students and Lecturer @ Kao Hsiung International Airport.

(left to right) Ericsson Tan Wei Ting, Ong Zhi Siong, Darren Lee Yong Shern,

Daphne Low Wei Wiang, Kenneth Lim Zhi Hao and Lecturer in charge Dr Handojo Djati Utomo


SP team at Evergreen Plaza Hotel, Tainan.


Preliminary briefing by Dr Handojo and a local host, A/P Chiang Yuan Chang

during their preparation day in the CESE conference.


There were around 160- 180 participants from 15- 20 countries, including professors, lecturers, researchers, PhD students and Master students. The only diploma students were from Singapore Polytechnic.


SP team in the sub-conference room.


There were 43 poster presentations and 54 oral presentations eligible for award competitions. Two groups from SP presented:


1. Poster Presentation with the title “Correlation between Turbidity and TSS in Singapore Rivers”. The work was a compilation of students’ assignment delivered during teaching Water Supply module to 3 different cohorts 2008, 2009 and 2010, which is represented by 3rd Year DEWT students, Kenneth Lim and Daphne Low.


Poster presentation by Kenneth Lim and Daphne Low


2. Oral Presentation with the title “Removal of Methylene Blue onto Biochar of Wood Waste”. The work is part of the FYP and SJWP projects and orally presented by 3rd Year DEWT students, Ong Zhi Siong, Ericsson Tan and Darren Lee.


Oral presentation by Ericsson Tan, Darren Lee and Ong Zhi Siong.


                        The winnning team                          Ong Zhi Siong, Darren Lee & Ericsson Tan

                                                                          showing off their Best Oral Presentation Award



Our students performed very well during the conference competitions. During Q & A in the oral presentation we managed to build a good team work among students and lecturer in responding to questions that were raised by participants.


Encouraging feedback was received from participants and some of them were interesting to hear such as:


Your students are very small. (A/Prof CYC- from CNU, Taiwan)


Are they really Diploma students? (Dr SP - from Barbados, West Indies)


How do they know “Langmuir” equation? (Dr SAA from US)


How do you manage to compile for the work? (Prof. P.S from UK)


They are confident and show good team work (A/Prof. SJK from Pakistan)


Finally, during Gala Dinner, WE MADE IT ….The judges decided to give 5 Oral Presentation Awards and one of them is ours, which is “Removal of Methylene Blue onto Biochar of Wood Waste” under a category Best Young Scientist Oral Presentation Award.


Last but not least, we also had a chance to visit Kaotan Water Treatment Plant (KWTP), the largest UF, NF, RO integrated membrane system for tap water supply in the world; an incineration plant at Sustainable Environment Research Center, National Cheng Kung University and Chia Nan University of Pharmacy and Science.


Site visit to Sustainable Environment Research Center and its incineration plant at National Cheng

Kung University, Tainan.