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Winning Teams in Green Engine 2012






Our Final Year DEWT students participated in Green Engine 2012 Competition organised by NUS (Dept. of Environmental Science and Engineering) and won 1 ($1000),2 ($500) and 3 ($250) prizes including certificates issued by Environmental Engineering Society of Singapore. The scale of this competition extends to all environmental engineering related courses in government polytechnics and universities in Singapore.


The Green Engine2012


Presentation Date: 28th July 2012 (Saturday) 10 am



Venue: NUS Lecture Theatre 7 (take the lift to Lvl3 from Engineering Auditorium)



1st PRIZE $1000

COFFEE BOYS (Lim Chin Hao, Fu Jiajun & Saw Kay Heng)

Feasible study of an exhausted ,

coffee ground- sand filter as a viable alternative trade effluent treatment”:



2nd PRIZE $500  

DUO POH (Ong Xi Chun and Sophia Lim Suet Min)

Removal of organic dye by dried sludge

in water medium.



3rd PRIZE $250

AQUA GAIA (Brenda Ong Geok Chuan, Elaine Sam Hui Xian, Jocelyn Lim Sui Hui and Alice Kho)

G.E Pool-Enhanced swimming pool and water treatment system