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DEWT graduate wins HSBC/NYAA Youth Environmental Award

Wu Caishi graduated from the Diploma in Environmental Management & Water Technology course in 2011. She was very active during her 3-years at SP. She was in the pioneer batch of PUB Volunteers of Water programme in 2009. She volunteered herself to help in the opening ceremony of Marina Barrage, conduct training for other water volunteers, participated in the World Water Monitoring Day in March every year. She was conferred Green Buddy Award by SP for being a good role model to her peers and juniors.


In recognition of her continuous contribution to the environment, she was awarded the HSBC/NYAA Youth Environmental Award 2011. As part of the award, she participated in an Earthwatch Study Trip to Gutianshan, China from 25 Jul to 6 Aug 2011.

Let’s hear Caishi’s sharing on how she feels about the award and the trip:

“When I was awarded the HSBC/NYAA Youth Environmental Award, I was surprised, honoured and had a little of mixed feelings. I didn't think myself to be good enough to achieve this award as I thought there are many people out there who are more passionate and committed than I am for the environment; there is always a mountain higher than the highest mountain. I was really honoured to be one of the few top mountains. As for having mixed feelings, this was because the trip to China’s Gutianshan actually clashed with some important dates scheduled for my enrolment into NUS. However, things were sorted out in the end and I managed to go for the expedition.


This trip left deep memories in me. I didn't have much expectation prior to the trip. I thought I might perhaps gain some knowledge, skills and techniques regarding environment conservation through this expedition. However, the benefit of this trip had gone beyond my expectation.


I met five other volunteers from New York, California and Japan. While working together for more than a week, I've heard many stories of their previous trips. Their passions for the environment warm my heart as I have come to know that there are five more people out there who are trying to make a difference in this world. Furthermore, after hearing their sharing of what they did in the past expeditions, I am aspired to follow in their footsteps to explore more of such Earthwatch trips and to do a little bit more for the environment.


During our work in the forest, I gained insights into the hardship that the fellow scientists and workers had to endure. They had to make multiple trips up and down the forests to collect over 30 to 70 packets of soil samples a day. At the end of each day, all of us had to perform tedious laboratory work and assist the scientists in doing the experiments. The samples collected would go through a few treatments before the scientists could obtain the data to analyse the carbon pattern within the forest.


After this expedition, I have come to understand that every contribution that we make is just a small piece out of a big jigsaw puzzle. Every little effort of ours is a major contribution to the scientists. It allows them to understand the characteristics of the forest with regards to climate change and hence come out with a better policy to tackle the global issues that we are all facing.”



 Caishi (second from the right) receiving the HSBC/NYAA from Dr Vivian Balakrishnan,

 Minister for the Environment and Water Resources.


Caishi went for a fully sponsored Earthwatch trip to Gutianshan, China

with other award recipients.


Collecting soil samples in the forest .