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DEWT students participated in The 5th CESE 2012

DEWT students participated in the 5th Challenges in Environmental Science and Engineering Conference in Melbourne, Australia .


(CESE 2012) in Melbourne, Australia from 9- 14 September 2012. Following last year’s participation in the 4th International CESE conference in Taiwan, ABE sent 8 DEWT students and 1 staff to participate in the 5th International conference on Challenges in Environmental Science and Engineering The conference was conducted in the heart of Melbourne CBD at the famous RACV (Royal Automobile Club of Victoria) building. In addition, we also visited 2 local universities in Melbourne to explore some learning opportunities, where we had a memorable experience of sitting-in during a civil engineering lesson. On the last day, as part of the CESE programme, we went on a technical tour to Bendigo mining region to visit Sandhurst Water Treatment Plant as well as Epsom Wastewater Treatment Plant/ Water Recycling Factory.



Photo above is the. Excellent Oral and Poster Awards Announcement during Gala Dinner @ RACV (Front: left to right) Brenda Ong, Sophia Lim, Ong Xi Chun; (Back: left to right) Daniel Ng, Guan Zhihua, Saw Kay Heng, Fu Jiajun, Lim Chin Haow, their supervisor Dr Handojo Djati Utomo


The 5th CESE 2012 was attended by approximately 200 participants from 18 countries, including professors, lecturers, researchers, PhD students, Master students including our students. Approximately 120 student oral presenters and 70 student poster presenters competed in the oral and poster presentations respectively. 10 group winners of oral presentation and 4 group winners of poster presentations were selected to receive outstanding oral presentation awards from 3 themes of Sustainable Catchment Management; Membrane and Nano- Technology; and Renewable Energy and Climate Change. Out of the group winners, our students received a group Special Award for Excellent Oral and Poster Presentations


Three papers were presented by the eight of DEWT students as follows:


  1. Thermally Processed Sewage Sludge for Methylene Blue Uptake, orally presented by Ong Xi Chun, Sophia Lim Suet Min and Brenda Ong Geok Chuan, and supervised by Dr Handojo Djati Utomo (ABE) and Dr Li Ping (TDO- Advanced Material Technology Centre).
  2. Efficacy of Heated Dry Sludge in Alum Coagulation to Remove Methylene Blue, orally presented by Daniel Ng Chee Wei and Guan Zhi Hua, and supervised by Dr Handojo Djati Utomo.

  3. Potential Use of Sand- Coffee Column Filtration System for Trace Copper Removal from Rooftop Runoff, poster presented by Lim Chin Haow, Saw Kay Heng and Fu Jia Jun, and supervised by Dr Handojo Djati Utomo.


The students gave positive feedback of their experiences as follows:


Brenda Ong: "It was so unbelievable that all of our work got recognition in this conference….. I honestly still can't believe it."

Sophia Lim: "One year of hard work totally paid off. All those group discussions till nearly midnight, rushing of reports and power point slides, returning to school every single day during the holidays to complete experiments etc... It was really worth it!"


Ong Xi Chun: "I was literally on the brink of tears when I saw our names on the screen. It felt so surreal. I dare say that there was never a moment in my life before where I was more speechless than this. Just a year ago, we were still deciding on our project title for our FYP. Tonight, being able to walk on the stage to receive the award with my other friends was a significant accomplishment for us all. It felt SUPER great."


Saw Kay Heng: This conference gave us the opportunity to see what the industry is focusing and the level of the conference. These are experiences that we could not get from the classroom. Was really happy that we won something and that our hard work were recognised. Special thanks to Dr. Han who put in enormous amount of efforts and time to prepare us for this conference.


Lim Chin Haow: "I'm so glad and honour to have a chance to take part in CESE 2012 and have a poster presentation there. This is a great experience for us and I'm glad that we've got a special prize from the organizer. Taking part in this conference also make us know how miniature our project is compare to other presenters from universities all over the world or even master students and PhD. There are still a lot more works we can do and explore in the later part of our project. This conference also provides us the chance to get to see what is the global trend of doing environmental research currently. I have learnt a lot of new things from the presentation by professor around the world and this has broadened my eyesight. I would like to thank Dr. Han for making our dreams turn into reality!"



Photo above are the Oral presentations by DEWT students (left) Guan Zhi Hua and Daniel Ng, (middle) Sophia Lim, Brenda Ong and Ong Xi Chun; (right) poster presentation by DEWT student Saw Kay Heng, Dr Dharmabalan from Coliban Water- Melbourne, Lim Chin Haow and Fu Jia Jun.


The post- trip student feedback was excellent receiving 4.4 out of 5.0 total score and the students were very glad to share their learning journey with their juniors.




Photo above (left) SP staff and students in front of Univ. of Melbourne’s old clock tower; (right) sit- in class learning experience during ordinary civil engineering lesson.




Photo above (left to right) briefing @ RMIT civil engineering laboratory on 12 Sep 2012



Photo above. Site visit to Epson Wastewater Treatment Plant at Bendigo (left) 1/3 of CESE group visitors including SP staff and student ; (middle) Site visit to Sandhurst Water Treatment Plant; (right) briefing in- side the laboratory.



Photo above Relaxing days during the busy activities in Melbourne (left) ready to cycle around Melbourne; (middle) in front of Melbourne central library (right) beside Yarra River, Melbourne on the last day.