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Our Learning Reflections-Dalian Overseas Immersion Program 2012

On Bonding with the Chinese Buddies
I had initially thought that the OIP Trip was just going to be hard work day in day out doing project for both the Business Culture and Tianjin Eco-City, and I was afraid that the whole trip was bound to be mundane and dull. But eventually, I figured that all of us had so much fun that we did not work hard enough at all. This was mainly due to the sheer friendliness and hospitality that the University Students gave us. I was also surprised at how they could strike up such a good rapport with strangers so quickly. It was very touching and this was one point I could take back to my homeland and practice it.

Poh Wee Siang, DAC/FT/3B/01

On Industry visits and Seminars
One person I admired was the General Manager from Oracle, Mr Henry Ong. Although he holds a high post in Oracle, his attitude is so humble and positive. How often do we see a general manager spending his time talking to a bunch of students? I really appreciate the time he took off from his work just to speak to us. He was very sincere and answered all our questions about business culture in China. I learnt so much from him!

Ng Hui Min, DAC 2B01

On Tianjin Ecocity Project
It really surprised me that the high level managements would actually be willing to give me 20 minutes of their precious time to really listen to my presentation – I was actually half-expecting the management to check their phones every 5 minutes. They had truly earned my respect from there on, and I am grateful to them for letting me earn such a valuable experience. After all, it is not every day that I have a chance to present my ideas to someone of their level.

Wan Mei Ying, DAC 3B01


On Personal Reflection

I am really grateful that I am able to see my family members every day. As Singapore is a small country, it takes less than 2 hours to reach from one end to the other. Hence, we are able to see our family members, almost every day. In China, most of the people leave their home town to another town to find jobs and study. They can only see their family members during holidays or break. 

Chiang Soo Min, DBA Year 3

On Cultural Exchange
All in all, I enjoy my stay in China although I had language (I only speak a bit of Chinese) and food barriers (I had to find halal food), it was a meaningful experience as I learnt a lot of the Chinese culture. I hope I could have stayed longer to enjoy the beautiful scenery and friendly people.
Mohamed Shafeen Bin Mohamed Jaffar, DAC/FT/3B/08

On Personal Growth
In this trip I have learnt to be more independent and I had to do everything on my own. Like my own laundry, have my own meals, plan my expenses and make my own decisions. This was also a trip that allows me to have great exposure of the different country tiers and school tiers in china; understanding what each tier is like respectively. We went on site visits, like banks, multinational company and even luxury hotel that I may never get the chance to go for.

Jonathan Teo, DBA Year 2




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