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The SP Design School is committed to train a new breed of designers and design entrepreneurs being able to transform lives by designing rich and meaningful experiences: graduates who are ready, willing and able to take on the challenges that this millennia brings.

But where do you begin this journey of design? Here. At the SP Design School. We believe that the way to the future is to start strong, and to go back to basics. This is why we have recreated our courses to start with a Common Foundation Programme. This way, all students will be well-trained in design fundamentals, and will share a common design language.

The SP Design School currently offers four diplomas in Experience and Product Design, Games Design & Development, Interior Design and Visual Communication and Media Design. These programmes offer robust and rigorous educational programmes to equip students with the right mix of mind-skills to succeed in their respective industries. Armed with tools of imagination and wonder, reason and practicality, our students will be well prepared to ignite their potentials and create possibilities in this global arena.

So take the journey with us to design our future. Let's revolutionise the world, and to transform it into the world we want. The Future is Design.