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Student's Pass for International Students

All international students must have a valid pass to study in SP. 
Even if your old Student's Pass for your secondary school has not expired, you are still required to apply for a new Student's Pass. 

The following steps will guide you on the Student's Pass Application Process. 

Student's Pass Application Process
Step 1: SP will send you an email notification and SMS (if you have provided your local contact number).
Step 2: When you receive the email/SMS, go to ICA-SOLAR website and click on "Student" button to start the application. 
Step 3: Login to SOLAR by keying the following:

SOLAR number#:
Date of Birth:

#Your SOLAR number is PS-2017-xxxxxxx00000000 where xxxxxxx is your SP Admission Number. 
For example: If your Admission Number is 1701882, your SOLAR number will be PS-2017-170188200000000. 

Step 4: Complete eForm16 and print a copy after submitting.

Note: If your name reflected in SOLAR is different from the name printed on your passport, do not submit eForm16.

Email contactus@sp.edu.sg immediately with a scanned copy of your passport particulars page. Indicate your full name, admission number, identification/FIN number and your offered course in the email, with email subject as "Wrong name in SOLAR".  

Step 5: Once the application is approved (check the status at SOLAR website), collect the In-Principle Approval (IPA) letter from SP Student Service Centre after 5 working days (from the day you see the approved status).

Venue: Student Service Centre @ Block T16 Level 1
Opening hours: 8am to 5pm (Monday to Friday)

Step 6: After collecting the IPA letter, you are required to:

(A) Complete the Student's Pass Formalities with the Immigration Checkpoint Authority (ICA), and

(B) Collect the Student's Pass from ICA. 

SP has made arrangements with ICA for you to complete (A) and (B) at SP Enrolment Centre (Block T15 Level 4) on 27 March and 5 April 2017

Note: If you are unable to come on 27 March 2017 (e.g. you have not collected the IPA letter, or you are not in Singapore), you will need to complete the Student's Pass Formalities and collection of Student's Pass directly at ICA. Refer to the "Student's Pass Application for International Students" flowchart for more details. 

(A) Complete Student's Pass Formalities with ICA on 27 March 2017, 12 to 4.30pm

You are to present the following documents and arrange them in order 1 to 8:

  1. One Singapore passport-sized photograph showing the full face
    • Taken less than 3 months ago
    • Taken in colour and against a white background with matt or semi-matt finish
    • Headgear worn in accordance with religious or racial customs is acceptable but must not hide facial features
  2. Disembarkation/Embarkation (D/E) card (granted on entry into Singapore) or valid Student's Pass, if any
    • In the event you have lost the D/E card, you are required to prepare a self-written statement and present to the ICA officer
    • For loss of valid Student's Pass card, you are required to present an original police report made not more than 3 months (with translation if not in English)
  3. IPA letter
  4. Valid original passport and photocopy of passport bio-data page
  5. A copy of eForm16 printed from SOLAR duly completed and signed by the applicant
  6. ICA Medical Report including the original copy of the laboratory report for chest X-ray and HIV (with translation if not in English)
    • Medical laboratory report must not be issued more than 3 months prior to submission to ICA
  7. Payment receipts made for Issuance fee ($60) and Multiple Journey fees ($30), if applicable
    Any payment (where applicable) must be made online via the SOLAR system before completing the formalities with ICA
    • A printout of the "Enquire Payment History" is acceptable as a substitute to the e-receipt, if you are unable to print the e-receipt after payment has been made
  8. 2 copies of the "Terms & Conditions of Student's Pass", duly completed and signed. 
    • On the last page of the "Terms & Conditions of Student's Pass", you are required to provide your Singapore contact number and Singapore address. If you do not have the information, you should provide an email address that you frequently check.

(B) Issuance of Student's Pass by ICA on 5 April 2017, 9am to 12noon

On this day, you are required to bring along:

  1. Your original passport
  2. Signed copy of the "Terms & Conditions of Student's Pass"

Note: If you have completed the Student's Pass Formalities with ICA at SP on 27 March 2017, but unable to collect your Student's Pass on 5 April 2017, you should approach ICA (Level 4 Counter 12) directly after 5 April 2017 to collect your Student's Pass. Click here for their location.

Important notes from ICA:

  • Students are reminded not to leave Singapore until you have collected your Student's Pass
  • Uncollected Student's Pass will be invalidated by ICA, which will result in students not having a valid pass to stay in Singapore
Step 7: (For those who collect their Student's Pass on 5 April 2017)

1) You are required to submit a photocopy of the newly issued Student's Pass to SP.

2) At the same time, you will pay your course fees either via NETs or Credit Card (VISA or MASTERCARD).

  • If you are paying by Cheque or Cash, proceed to Frank by OCBC @ Foodcourt 5 after submitting the photocopy of your Student's Pass. Then, return to the Enrolment Centre to submit the endorsed Green copy of 'Fee Pay-In Slip form'. 

Both collection will be done on 5 April 2017 at SP Enrolment Centre, after you have received your Student's Pass from ICA. 

(For those who collect their Student's Pass at ICA Building)

Upon receipt of your Student's Pass, you should pay your course fees at one of the following:

  • AXS machines located island-wide via NETs
  • Selected OCBC Bank Branches via Cheque or Cash - refer to Fee Pay-In slip for details
  • Finance Counter located at Administration Block Level 2 via NETs, Credit Card (VISA or MASTERCARD), Cheque or Cash

​Subsequently, submit the following at Student Service Centre within one week of issuance of Student's Pass

  • ​​Photocopy of your newly issued Student's Pass, and
  • A copy of receipt (if paid via AXS), or
  • Fee Pay-In Slip form - Green copy (if paid via Cheque or Cash at OCBC) 

It is important to submit a copy of your Student's Pass to SP to notify us that you have a valid pass to remain in Singapore.
Failure to submit will result in the delay of processing the Tuition Grant and Diploma Student Concession Card. 

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