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It takes 3 years to complete a full-time diploma course if you have:

  • GCE 'O' Levels
  • relevant Institute of Technical Education Higher NITEC (ITC/CBS) qualifications, or
  • relevant Institute of Technical Education NITEC (NTC2) qualifications (with minimum GCE 'N' Level qualifications).

Please view the individual course pages for the course entry requirements.

You can apply to complete a full-time diploma in 2 years if you have

  • Institute of Technical Education Higher NITEC (ITC) in relevant disciplines, and
  • Grade Point Average (GPA) = 3.5
Course JAE Code School JAE Grouping Video
Course JAE Code School JAE Grouping Video
Architecture S66 ABE Built Environment
Civil Engineering with Business S68 ABE Built Environment
Facilities Management (formerly Hotel & Leisure Facilities Management) S95 ABE Built Environment  
Integrated Events & Project Management S50 ABE Built Environment
Landscape Architecture S94 ABE Built Environment
Accountancy S75 SB Business & Management
Banking & Finance S76 SB Business & Management
Business Administration S71 SB Business & Management
Engineering with Business S42 SB Engineering
Financial Informatics S46 SB Business & Management
Human Resource Management with Psychology S48 SB Business & Management
Tourism & Resort Management S55 SB Business & Management
Applied Chemistry (formerly Applied Chemistry with Pharmaceutical Science) S64 CLS Applied Sciences
Biomedical Science S98 CLS Applied Sciences
Biotechnology S72 CLS Applied Sciences
Chemical Engineering S70 CLS Applied Sciences
Food Science & Technology S47 CLS Applied Sciences
Nutrition, Health & Wellness S44 CLS Applied Sciences
Optometry S67 CLS Health Sciences
Perfumery & Cosmetic Science S38 CLS Applied Sciences
Applied Drama & Psychology S43 CASS Humanities
Creative Writing for TV & New Media S41 CASS Humanities
Media & Communication S86 CASS Media & Design
Experience & Product Design S51 SD Media & Design
Games Design & Development S56 SD Media & Design
Interior Design S89 SD Media & Design
Visual Communication & Media Design S93 SD Media & Design
Business Information Technology S82 DMIT Information & Digital Technologies
Digital Animation S35 DMIT Media & Design
Infocomm Security Management S54 DMIT Information & Digital Technologies
Information Technology S69 DMIT Information & Digital Technologies
Music & Audio Technology S97 DMIT Information & Digital Technologies
Visual Effects & Motion Graphics S39 DMIT Media & Design
Aerospace Electronics S90 EEE Engineering
Computer Engineering S53 EEE Engineering
Electrical & Electronic Engineering S99 EEE Engineering
Energy Systems & Management S45 EEE Engineering
Engineering with Business S42 EEE Engineering
Engineering Systems S33 EEE Engineering
Aeronautical Engineering S88 MAE Engineering
Bioengineering S58 MAE Engineering
Common Engineering Programme S40 EEE Engineering
Common Engineering Programme S40 MAE Engineering
Engineering with Business S42 MAE Engineering
Engineering Systems S33 MAE Engineering
Mechanical Engineering S91 MAE Engineering
Mechatronics & Robotics S73 MAE Engineering
Marine Engineering S63 SMA Maritime Studies
Maritime Business S74 SMA Maritime Studies
Nautical Studies Apply through EAE/DAE SMA Maritime Studies

Note: Table above includes duplicate courses as they are offered by more than 1 school.

Shang Le

Pavan Singh Gill

Diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Class of 2016

"My life in SP can be summed up in one word: reversal. In secondary school, I struggled through studies because I had dyslexia, and eventually became unmotivated. However, in SP, that dyslexia partially became a gift. Dyslexics tend to think in pictures, so this visual thinking helped me in some of my 3D modelling classes! Being in SP, and learning from friends and incredible lecturers, has changed me, my self-confidence and my self-belief completely."

School Brochures (2018)
Architecture & the Built Environment (ABE)
SP Business School (SB)
Chemical & Life Sciences (CLS)
Communication, Arts & Social Sciences (CASS)
SP Design School (SD)
Engineering (EEE, MAE)
Digital Media & Infocomm Technology (DMIT)
Singapore Maritime Academy (SMA)