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Mr. Daniel Tan

Daniel graduated from Singapore Polytechnic in 1991 with a Diploma in Electronics & Communication Engineering. After National Service in 1993, he joined a local SME as a Sales Executive where he received two promotions. In 1997, he moved on to American International Assurance (AIA) as an insurance agent where he won several awards, notably Rising Star, Shining Star, Million Dollar Club, Sunrise Club as well as for Group and Personal Lines.



After 13 years with AIA, he reached a career plateau and left in April 2010. Together with some partners, they joined forces under Private Wealth Guardians (PWG) Asia, a Financial Advisory (FA) firm that caters to mass affluent, high net worth individuals and corporations.

It may be two decades since Daniel left SP but fond memories remain fresh. He said, “these were important years of education as they were my formative years, from a teenager to a young adult.” While in SP, he learned to be self-motivated, formed good friendships and decided on the kind of career he wanted to pursue.


Daniel feels that SP provides a very different learning environment as it allows students the freedom to explore and is interest driven. Daniel fondly recalls being ‘tortured’ in Tae-Kwon-Do club which toughened him up, preparing him both physically and mentally for National Service.

He remembers the lecturers and staff as being dedicated and helpful. “Unfortunately I had the chance to work closely with only a few lecturers”, he added.


Daniel dispenses this advice to current students: ‘Find something you love and do it to the best of your ability. Do not follow the crowd blindly. Life is short, do not waste time on things you do not enjoy!’

Daniel suggested in engaging the alumni through monthly or bi-monthly email. ‘Involve alumni in school activities such as final year project exhibitions, home-coming and graduation ceremonies.’ He encourages graduates to stay in touch and contribute to their alma mater.