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EEE Alumni Persevered and Proved Their Success

Ernest Tan - From Normal Stream to PhD Alan Yeo Jun Xiong - Smooth landing after a turbulent ride Lim Bo Zhi -  Overcome parent’s deaths to become poly model student and graduated top in his course
Ernest Tan, our alumnus who graduated with a Diploma in Computer Engineering, and a First Class Honours degree from NTU, had enrolled in NTU’s PhD Computer Engineering Course.  

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Alan, a DEEE alumnus who graduated in 2012 with a diploma in Electrical & Electronic Engineering, had secured direct entry to second year at both Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and the National University of Singapore (NUS) to study Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

However, the Alan now was a different one 10 years ago who, as a rebellious and delinquent teenager, had to drop out from Montfort Secondary School.

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Orphaned at 18, Bo Zhi, who is an only child, did not have any close relatives he could turn to.

Despite this, the 21-year-old computer engineering student had graduated from Singapore Polytechnic with a near-perfect grade point average (GPA).

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