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DASE IE project

DASE IE project - I Prepare Aircraft Take-off

Introduction to Engineering Project - I Prepare Aircraft Take-off, is an exciting project for Year 1 DASE students. Broadly speaking, the project aims to allow DASE students to understand the concept of Communications and Navigations Aids in the airport through the building and manoeuvring of a model plane that will be given to them.

DASE students are to build a project to taxi and move a model plane on a runway. They are to conceive ideas and build a circuit to move a model plane forward to the designated station on a taxiing path, stop and wait for a signal to take-off. The take-off is simulated by its propeller running, moving forward and activating its flight controls (i.e. Ailerons, Elevators and Rudders).

The two main stages of the IE project are design and implement. DASE students will work through various design solutions and choose the most appropriate one they wish to implement. They would need to simulate their proposed solution before prototyping the circuits in the given model plane. As students implement their project, they would be able to go through the whole process of hardware realisation when they test and troubleshoot their hardware design.

A photo of a prototype built in DASE IE project is shown below.

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