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DCPE IE project

DCPE IE project - I Get Smarter

The IE project for Year 1 DCPE students is “Zumo robot”. In this project, students are given a “Zumo robot” which is a smart car driven by Arduino UNO board. The students’ task is to programme the Zumo robot for a Japanese Sumo-style competition (we call it the “Zumo Competition”).

In the Competition, the Zumo robot wins if it pushes its opponent out of the arena defined by a broad black line in the shape of either circle or square. The Zumo robot comes with sensor for detecting the black line (infrared reflectance sensor) and the position of its opponent (Ultrasonic Range Sensor). The students need to programme the robot to make use of the range sensor to detect its opponent, charging towards it and at the same time keeps itself within the arena with the help of the infrared reflectance sensor. The students are provided some basic codes for reading the sensors and controlling the motors, but they are required to develop their own strategy of detecting their opponent and translate the strategy into Arduino codes. The students are also allowed to add extra components to the Zumo robot to enhance their chance of winning the Zumo Competition.

A photo of a prototype built in DCPE IE project is shown below and watch this video to show the “Zumo in actions!” -> https://youtu.be/dE_1n3QCC6E

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