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DEEE IE project

DEEE IE project - I Celebrate

The IE project for Year 1 DEEE students is “Marksman”. Students are to work as a group to build a fun-fare game where a laser pointer is used by one player to get the counter to count up while another player tries to get the counter to count down. Each student group will be assigned different numbers to display on the 7-segment required by the player to cheer and by the opponent to boo.

Some basic circuit boards and components will be given to each student group in which they are required to solder them onto the boards, test and understand the working principles of the different circuit boards.

These are the circuits used by the students to integrate in this project:

  1. Target Sensor Circuits – to detect shots from laser guns.
  2. Counter & Display Circuit – to count up/down and display the scores on the 7-segment LED display.
  3. Motion Control Circuit – to control forward and reverse directions of the motor.
  4. Voltage Regulator Circuit – to provide 5V dc supply
  5. Monostable Multivibrator Circuit – to control the durations of cheering and booing
  6. Student Board - circuit to be designed by the students to achieve certain effects of the game such as a circuit to move target left and right or a cheer/boo circuit to celebrate/boo when player wins/loses.

Some photos of the prototypes built in DEEE IE project are shown below:

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