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DESM IE project

DESM IE project - I Stay Green

The IE project for DESM year 1 students is to build a wind turbine generator. This projects allows DESM students to reinforce their learning and understand the application of the theoretical concepts taught in various year one modules. In this IE project, DESM year 1 students work in groups of 2 to 3 to design and build a working wind turbine generator using the following:

  1. Light Dependent Sensor Circuit – to detect a desired condition.
  2. Voltage Regulator Circuit – to provide 5V dc supply.
  3. Counter circuit to count the rotation of the turbine blades.
  4. A voltage booster circuit with LEDS as load for the wind turbine generator
  5. Additional circuit to be designed by the students to meet certain objectives of the working prototype

The voltage regulator and sensor circuit helps them to apply their PEEE knowledge, the two-digit counter circuit helps in applying their DE knowledge and the incorporation of these circuits in a wind turbine generator gives them an awareness to one of the core areas of DESM course, the clean energy.

Students are also required to 3-D print both the motor and sensor circuit holder and design their own wind turbine blades using recycled paper, the design principle for which is taught to them by the lecturer.  Assessment in this project is based on the functionality of the circuit, the creativity in designing the turbine blades and the voltage generated by turbine.

Some photos of the prototypes built in DESM IE project are shown below:

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