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The module - Introduction to Engineering (IE) has been designed to introduce students to the field of engineering. The content includes a broad outline of the tasks and responsibilities of an engineer, and how engineering can solve everyday problems through product dissection.  Students will be able to acquire salient engineering skills like soldering, troubleshooting and learning how to use multi-meters and power supplies.

Moreover, they will get opportunities to design a simple project, which heightens their safety awareness, time management and workmanship while also enhancing their methodological skills. Furthermore, the basic cognitive skills like dividing a complex problem into smaller parts, verifying through simulation before implementing (prototyping) are also introduced through the process of crafting a project.

The IE project is an excellent opportunity to excite and engage students with the engineering concepts taught and allow students to put these concepts to application. All these aspects are in line with the CDIO model as students will be encouraged to engender creative ideas for the designing and implementation of the prototype.

The IE laboratories in T12 and T12A have been re-configured to meet different teaching and learning needs as part of the CDIO workspace model. This dedicated, flexible and customisable workspace supports and encourages hands-on learning and gives more space for students to actively implement their projects.

Students of different diplomas will have different themes for their IE projects and these projects will contain elements of their diplomas.  Different themes are given to different diplomas to allow a diversity of projects within a diploma.  The themes assigned to the different diplomas are as follows:

Diploma Theme
Diploma in Aerospace Electronics (DASE) I Prepare Aircraft to take-off
Diploma in Computer Engineering (DCPE) I Get Smarter
Diploma in Electrical & Electronic Engineering (DEEE) I Celebrate
Diploma in Energy Systems and Management (DESM) I Stay Green

Students are divided into groups of 3 to 4 and as a group, they must apply analytical skills, thinking skills, and acquired knowledge from 2 year 1 modules PEEE - Principles of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (transistor switching circuit, relays, LDR, etc) and DE - Digital Electronics (Counter Circuit, Flip-Flops, etc) in  their projects.

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