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Winning Projects


Smart Secure Home (First Prize)
by DEEE students

Project synopsis:

All electrical appliances (lights and fans), doors and windows in this home can be controlled (on/off, locked/unlocked, close/open) by mobile phone. Windows will be closed automatically when it rains. An SMS will be sent to the owner if the wrong password is entered.


Shape-tastic (Second Prize)
By DASE students

Project synopsis:

This project is an early childhood development learning aid to help children learn shape by letting them place shape into the correct space and then identify the shape. A sweet will be dispensed when the child get it correct

Remember to Hoop (Third Prize)
By DASE students

Project synopsis:

This project is to engage dementia patients in activities that encourage them to exercise so as to stimulate their muscle memory. The first game is to allow the patient to throw a ball into a stationary basketball hoop or a moving basketball hoop in 3 attempts. The second game has LED lights lighted up randomly, the patient is to remember the last LED and then answer it by pressing the correct answer.


Smart Home Automation by DEEE students (Best Prototype Prize)

Project synopsis:

The owner can unlock the door without taking the keys out of his pocket/bag, and can also unlock the door by entering a passcode. Doors and windows will open and an alarm will be triggered when the house is on fire.


The Blind Man's Hat by DCPE studnets
(Best Value Proposal)

Project synopsis:

This is an innovation to provide extra sensory input for a blind person with his walking stick. The ultrasonic sensors mounted on his cap provides proximity alerts through a stereoscopic headphone thereby giving an added 3D spacial sensory input in his navigation.

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