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STCW Courses

The Academy regularly conducts a wide range of 'mandatory' and other short-courses for the maritime industry. The contents of these courses, where required, meet the STCW 2010 Manila Amendment requirements and the completion of some of these courses is a pre-requisite for issue of certificates of competency (CoC).

MCF(Maritime Cluster Fund) subsidy is available for some STCW courses.
For complete details of the courses for which this subsidy is available please click on "MPA pre-approved courses" from the link below.


For a direct link to the PDF document which contains the pre-approved courses please Click Here.


Some general details, of the STCW Short Courses conducted by SMA, including their duration (in brackets), are provided below:

Courses Duration Fees
Revalidation of CoC (Information Only)    
Emergency Occupational Safety and Survival Functions Training Revalidation Course 1.5 days $680 + GST
Navigation Control Course, STCW 2010 II/2 para2.2 5 days S$960 + GST
Basic Tanker Training (Oil, Chemical & Liquefied Gas Tankers) 9 days S$900 + GST
Advanced Oil Tanker Safety STCW 2010 V/1(2.2) 7.5 days  S$1700 + GST
Advanced Chemical Tanker Safety STCW 2010 V/1(2.2) 6 days S$1800 + GST
Advanced Liquefied Gas Tanker Safety STCW 2010 V/1(2.2) 8 days S$1700 + GST
Basic Occupational Safety & Security Training Courses, STCW 2010 Code Section A VI/1 para 2 8 days S$1350 + GST
Global Maritime Distress Safety System – General Operator's Certificate (GMDSS GOC) 2 Weeks S$2100 + GST
Global Maritime Distress Safety System - Restricted Operator' Course STCW 2010 IV/2 para1.0 5 days S$920 + GST
Proficiency in Survival Craft & Rescue Boat - other than a Fast Rescue Boat, STCW 2010 VI/2 para 1 4 days S$690 + GST
Proficiency in Fast Rescue Boat Section STCW 2010 A-VI/2 IMO Model Course 1.24 3 days S$950 + GST
Safety Familiarisation Training STCW 2010 Code Section A VI/1 para 1 1 day S$180 + GST
Advanced Fire Fighting Course, STCW 2010 VI/3 para 1 5 days S$700 + GST
Shipboard Training and Assessment Course, STCW 2010 I/6 para 1.2 (E-learning)

6 Months

S$300 + GST
Crowd Management & Safety Training for Passenger Ships - other than Ro-Ro Passenger Ships, STCW 2010 V/3 para 4 & 6 1 day S$250 + GST
Crisis Management, Human Behavior & Safety for Passenger Ships - other than Ro-Ro Passenger Ships, STCW 2010 V/3 para 7 & 8 1 ½ days S$350 + GST
Electronic Navigation Systems Course, STCW 2010 II/1 para 5 13 evenings plus 2 full Saturdays S$1700 + GST
ECDIS Appreciation Course 2 days S$595 + GST

Operational Use of ECDIS (IMO Model Course 1.27)

5 days S$1100 + GST
Ship Security Officer (SSO) 2 days S$500 + GST
Proficiency In Designated Security Duties 1 day S$200 + GST
Medical First Aid Onboard Ship, STCW 2010 VI/4 para 1 4 days  S$280 + GST
Medical Care On board Ship, STCW 2010 II/2 para 2.2 5 days  S$350 + GST
High Voltage Installation Operational Level course  1 Day S$900 + GST
High Voltage Installations Management Course 3 days S$2000 + GST
Bridge and Engine Room Resource Management (Management and Leadership) 4 days S$1400+ GST
Bridge and Engine Room Resource Management (Management and Leadership Skills) – Bridging                             2 days                                 $900 + GST
Bridge and Engine Room Resource Management (Operation) 3 days S$680 + GST