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Advanced Liquefied Gas Tanker Safety STCW 2010 V/1(2.2)

Advanced Liquefied Gas Tanker Safety STCW 2010 V/1(2.2)
COURSE AIMS This course is designed to meet the shore-based training requirements of paragraph 2.2 of Reg V/1 of STCW 2010 as relevant to Liquefied Gas Tanker.

The possession of an Advanced Tanker Safety Certificate (appropriate for the type of tanker the participant is likely to serve on) is one of the requirements for the issue of an appropriate Dangerous Cargo Endorsement (s) under the Singapore Merchant Shipping (Deck Officers) and (Marine Engineer Officers) Regulations.

For entry to any of these advanced courses the participant should:

  1. 1. be at least 18 years of age;
  2. have satisfactorily completed an approved Tanker Familiarisation Course (covering the training requirements of STCW 95 Reg. V/1, paragraph 1.2), OR have had at least 3 months sea service on board any type of tanker;
  3. have a good working knowledge of the English Language (spoken or written).

Note: The course for liquefied gas tankers includes a session of practical training in fighting gas fires. Thus participants for this course should be physically & medically fit to undertake strenuous fire-fighting training.

COURSE CONTENTS/MODULES Each course provides specialized training at an advanced level for seafarers likely to be assigned duties as Master, Chief Engineer Officer, Chief Officer, Second Engineer Officer, or for persons with immediate responsibility for cargo operations on board and covers safety regulations and codes of practice, cargo characteristics, health hazards, general ship design, cargo containment and cargo-handling systems, general principles of safe cargo operations, safety practices and equipment and pollution control. appropriate to the type of tanker the course is intended for.
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