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An aspiration defined by internship experience in healthcare

The three years spent in Singapore Polytechnic (SP) had been an enriching journey where I received a well-rounded experience from within and beyond my course of study in the Biomedical Science program.

At the Raffles Hospital internship, the knowledge and hands-on practical skills learnt at SP were put into practice in the clinical laboratory. This bona fide real-world exposure to working life provided me with the opportunity to understand the responsibilities of a Medical Technologist. Since then, I am inspired to be part of this profession.

After completing the SP Biomedical Science program, I returned to Raffles Hospital as a Medical Technologist. I am more confident and feel competent to perform laboratory diagnostic tests independently. In SP, we were trained to develop our analytical and critical thinking skills. In addition, I was also provided with many opportunities to enhance my leadership and communication skills. Being part of the Biomedical Science Student Council committee, I organised course-related activities and engaged in community services work. The overall experience as a student councillor taught me to take initiative and never give up for fear of disappointment.

With all these, I am proud to say that Singapore Polytechnic had given me a strong foundation and effectively prepared me to serve in the healthcare sector.

Marina Wee Huiting
Medical Technologist
Biomedical Science Graduate 2014