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“As a cardiac technologist, it is important that we are passionate and willing to care for our patients. As the frontline of healthcare services, every patient is important to us; patients trust us to look out for them. This is why their smiles, small gestures of “thank you” and recovery have always brightened up my day, and has inspired me to give them my very best in everything I do.”

Rachelle Chong Xinyi, Diploma in Biomedical Science graduate of Class 2013, shares on her responsibilities as a Cardiac Technologist at National Heart Centre Singapore (NHCS).

Rachelle has always aspired to pursue a meaningful career in the healthcare sector. She hopes to be a pillar of support for cardiologists by assisting them in the diagnosis of heart diseases. Most importantly through this career, she has the opportunity to help the less fortunate in the community and achieve a heightened sense of job satisfaction.

During her two years of specialty training, Rachelle attended lectures and tutorials at NHCS, the main cardiac technology training partner with Singapore Polytechnic. Besides learning various soft skills such as effective patient communication skills, she also garnered hands-on experience during clinical attachments which she put into practice at NHCS and other hospitals.

Due to Rachelle’s positive attitude and genuine interests in healthcare, she was awarded a NHCS scholarship and this has motivated her to pursue this profession further.

Rachelle Chong Xinyi
Cardiac Technologist, NHCS
Diploma in Biomedical Science
(Cardiac Technology Option)
Class of 2013