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From sugarcane bagasse to EverGreen Board

A team of Chemical Engineering students, alumni and staff clinched the 1st prize in the World Engineers' Summit (WES) 2013 Young Engineers' Competition, "Trust Us, We're Engineers" on 12 Sept 2013.

In conjunction with WES 2013, the Institution of Young Engineers Singapore (IES) Young Engineers Committee organised an inaugural Young Engineers' Competition "Trust Us We Are Engineers".  Click here for details.

Under the supervision of Ms Jessy Yau (CLS) and Mr Julian Kwok (CASS), three students (Choo Jia Yi, Kuah Li Ping and Sakinah Binte Lokman) and a recent graduate Wee Ian Bing formed a team and presented a project entitled 'From Sugarcane Bagasse to EverGreen Board' for the competition in the JC/ ITE/ Poly category.

The theme of the competition is “Waste”.  The students successfully converted sugarcane waste (bagasse) into a value-added product, i.e. natural fibreboard named as 'EverGreen Board' in an environmentally friendly approach. The team received a cash prize of $3,000 and gold medals.



(From left) Project supervisor Ms Jessy Yau, Choo Jia Yi,
Wee Ian Bing, Sakinah Binte Lokman, Kuah Li Ping and
CASS lecturer Mr. Julian Kwok

Chair and stationary box made by EverGreen Board.


“Our team started working on this project about one month ago. It was a few weeks before the Semester exams when we started. It was a challenge to keep up with the deadline that was given for submissions of the report and posters. But, all of us gave our best and did not give up during the journey through the competition. Yes, it was tiring and challenging but we came in first for the JC/Poly/ITE category! I felt rewarded as our sweat, tears and hard work have paid off! ”

Sakinah Binte Lokman
Current Year 3 student

“It was a great learning opportunity for us to showcase our project on solving one of the many problems associated with climate change. We've enjoyed sharing with not just to people from the industry, but also students from overseas institutions and more. Getting their feedback has made us even more committed to improve the project further. The team is grateful to the lecturers who mentored and supported us throughout this invaluable learning journey.”

Wee Ian Bing
Chemical Engineering Graduate
Class of 2013

Out of the 39 projects submitted, only eight projects were shortlisted for the competition.