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Pointer from the food technology experts

If you are graduating from the Diploma in Food Science and Technology (DFST) soon, who would you seek advice from? Undoubtedly from the graduates who had endured a similar academic journey to yours and are now harvesting the fruits of their labour in their jobs.

Four fantastic alumni of the Diploma in Chemical Process Technology-Food Technology Option returned to Singapore Polytechnic (SP) and shared some pointers with the current DFST final year students in a cozy evening on the 28 Nov 2013 at the Colours Zone in SP Library.

The event was filled with informative real-life experiences and stories of the speakers. Their experiences included a successful overseas university stint, achievement in the workforce with just their Diploma education and how the experience gained from Polytechnic and local University anchored their passion to work in Singapore. The speakers were very generous in providing expert opinions and feedback during the Q & A session afterwards, which was followed by a sumptuous buffet dinner.