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Beyond the biomedical science (DBS) and biotechnology (DBT) curriculum, scientific talks and seminars play a key role in keeping our DBS/ DBT students, as well as faculty members, abreast of scientific developments and trends, within Singapore and globally. The inclusion of these activities in the life of a typical DBS/ DBT student, provide insights into a typical research & development or clinical diagnostic laboratory world. Attended by both students and staff, the talks illuminate the significance, purpose and inter-relatedness of the life science modules in our rigorous curriculum. In addition, the talks provide a form of career guidance by showcasing the respective fields of science that our students might pursue in future.

Professor Nicolas Szita from University College London, UK giving a talk on “Bioprocessing & Synthetic Biology”

Professor Graham Nicholson from University of Technology Sydney (UTS), Australia delivering a seminar on “Venoms and Victims, or Toxic Treasures”

Professor Park In-Hyun from Yale University, USA giving a talk on “Stem Cell Re-programming”  

Group photo with Dr Christopher Syn (HSA) & Associate Professor Lai Siang Hui (SGH) after the talk on “Forensic Science”