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What You'll Study

The course comprises four modules, including a clinical practicum. Students will embark on the programme in Year 1 Semester 2 and complete one module per semester.

Synopses of Modules

Module Hours per week Module Fee
Anatomy & Physiology for Phlebotomist 2 $225
Healthcare Workplace Practices 2 $225
Phlebotomy and Non-blood Specimen Collection 3 $350
Clinical Practicum - $0
Total: 7 $800

Synopses of Modules

Anatomy & Physiology for Phlebotomist

Medical terminology
Human body systems
Cardiovascular system
Blood system

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Healthcare Workplace Practices

The healthcare setting
Specimen handling
Infection control
Quality assurance
Legal, regulatory and accreditation issues

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Phlebotomy and non-blood specimen collection

Blood collection equipment
Venipuncture procedures
Capillary blood collection
Non-blood collection procedures and special collections
Pre-analytical consideration and venipuncture complications

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Clinical Practicum

Clinical procedures in a healthcare setting

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At CLS, students can gain specialised expertise in a wide area of life sciences such as microbiology, animal cell culture and plant tissue culture.