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Immediately following their semestral examinations, students from the Diploma in Biomedical Sciences (DBS) spent a meaningful and memorable Saturday, by engaging with the elderly at the Thye Hua Kwan Senior Activity Centre, through the organizing of a Mooncake Festival Celebration, in partnership with the Singapore Heart Foundation (SHF).

In order to create a festive ambience at the centre, the students decorated the place with colourful lanterns and worked hard to plan a comprehensive programme, including interactive games, karaoke singing, and even a skit performance so as to liven up the atmosphere. In addition, they performed the skit with a mooncake celebration theme in both Mandarin and English so as to better engage all.

To our delight, a lot of the elderly came forward to sing during the karaoke session as well as dance to the happy oldies songs the students had planned for them. They were very spontaneous and the centre was continually filled with much joy and laughter. They also enjoyed the mooncake and fruits served by the students as well as the simple lunch that followed. All in all, both the elderly as well as the students had a delightful and enjoyable time together.

“The mooncake festival celebration was a success! It was very heartwarming to see the elderly participating enthusiastically throughout the event! Performing a skit and singing Chinese songs with them was very memorable. We were glad to be able to bring joy to the elderly.”

Lim An
Year 2 student

“It was a very fruitful experience as we had the opportunity to interact and have fun with the elderly. We enjoyed the interaction very much.”

Delia Lim Yi Min
Year 2 student