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During the December vacation, a group of students from the Diploma in Perfumery & Cosmetic Science actively participated in Community Involvement Programme (CIP) at the Life Community Service Society. The students organised three events:

  • Internet vigilance sharing session where the students guided the children on how to use the computer to play educational games and shared with them about internet security.
  • Baking session where the children learned how to make Ginger Bread Man shaped cookies!
  • A trip to the River Safari where the children learned about the animals and had the opportunity to see the pandas up close.

"I feel that this CIP has made me more appreciative for what I have. I also learnt that different kids have different ways of showing what they want and need. So, patience and tolerance are needed to understand them. Overall, this is a day well spent as I have enjoyed myself as it is a different form of community service."

Rachel Lim Zhi Qi
Current Year 2 student

"I feel that events that involve children don’t always go according to plan. You never know how the children will react and thus you must be able to adapt and change accordingly. A takeaway for myself would be being sincere towards the kids, which will cause them to understand where we are coming from and thus they will start listening. All in all, being able to bond with the kids makes me want to interact with them more often for future activities!"

Lim Si Jun
Current Year 1 student