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A multidisciplinary team of twenty-four students from three CLS diploma courses, namely Diploma in Food Science & Technology (DFST), Diploma in Materials Science (DMLS) and Diploma in Nutrition, Health & Wellness (DNHW), together with two lecturers Ms Grace Yip and Ms Fayth Tan, resided in Boys Brigade Learning Centre (BBLC) in Cambodia for fourteen days during the March vacation to discover, experience and serve. The theme “Finding Myself Within” was selected by the team, representing DFST, DMLS and DNHW. Our version of service learning engages students in responsible community service, it emphasises learning in areas such as communication, critical thinking, leadership, teamwork and community involvement. Students work together to solve real problems, and share their newfound knowledge through structured reflection. During our stay, the team reached out to almost 300 Khmers through various service programmes, including daily English lessons, structured personal hygiene programme, daily infrastructure work at youth hostel and primary school, and meal preparation at the rice-soup feeding programme.

Our team is very grateful to all our colleagues in SP, students and families who had showed their support in one way or another. We thank them for giving us not just financial, but moral and spiritual support.

Our team will also like to send our best wishes to recent DNHW graduates Koh Jing Jing and Bryan Cheah for their extended volunteering service at BBLC for a period of three months from May to July 2013.

Read on their Reflection Journals to find out more:

Nurul Atiqah Binti Rosli Koh Jing Jing Bryan Cheah Jun Xiong Vivian Wee Hui Wen