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What You'll Study

First Year

Module Code Module Name Total Hours
BE2501 Law I
Gives an appreciation of the nature, sources of law and the structure and hierarchy of courts in Singapore. It introduces Contract Law and its role in business and economic activity. Students will be given an appreciation of the application of the Law of Contract in the events industry.
BE2503 Event Materials and Decoration
Provides students with an understanding of the physical, functional and aesthetic properties of common materials for event decoration and finishes, and their uses in buildings and other supporting infrastructures which are related to the organising of events, conventions and exhibitions.
BE2504 IT Application for Events I
Gives students an understanding of the types of application software that can be used in preparing presentation materials for events and projects. Students will learn the skills to make various types of presentation materials like brochures, posters, leaflets, flyers, web pages, etc using popular application software.
BE2506 Event Experience
Aims to give students a realistic, meaningful, enjoyable and insightful experience of all the processes in the creation, planning, organising, management and carrying out a simple event.
BE2509 Audio Visual Systems
Introduces students to the principles of light and sound. Students will be given an understanding of the effects that light and sound has on the environment. They will learn how to design, experiment, select and implement light and sound systems for different events.
BE2510 Economics
Give students an understanding of basic microeconomic and macroeconomic concepts. Students will understand the principles of production, distribution and consumption of products & services through topics such as resource allocation, demand and supply, price determination, production equilibrium, market structure, national income, macro equilibrium and objectives, money, monetary and fiscal policies and international trade.
BE2511 Principles of Marketing
Gives students an understanding of the role of marketing in the events industry. Students will learn the concepts and process of marketing, market segmentation and positioning, marketing strategies, key elements of a marketing plan, importance of branding and concepts of corporate identity.
BE2512 Design, Drawings and CADD
Gives students the ability to interpret and comprehend event facilities construction drawings and details and to draft by manual means using instruments to produce scale drawings and sketches. An appreciation is also given, of design & its importance, and to the design process, elements and principles of design as applied to event facilities design. Students will also learn to draft and present drawings using proprietary application software.
BE2513 Principles of Management
Provides students with an understanding of the principles of management. Students will be introduced to the process of management, decision making, organisation behaviour & culture, organisation structure & design, leadership and motivation theories, group dynamics, communication and interpersonal skills.
BE2514 Food and Beverages
Gives students an understanding of the provision of appropriate food and beverages for events and their licensing requirements. Students will also be given an appreciation of food purchasing, preparation, storage, service, catering, food safety and waste management.
BE2515 Event Creation & Market Research
Gives students an understanding of event conceptualisation and creation of special unique events through the understanding of markets and market research, event studies, event and public policy, event proposal and bids as well as sponsorship. Students will also be given a heads up on trends impacting the events industry.
LC0154 Communicating for Personal and Team Effectiveness
Aims to equip students with the necessary skills to develop self-confidence in their spoken and written interactions with intended audiences for specific purposes, in informal contexts.
LC8001 General Education 1
Aims to equip students with critical reasoning skills and provide them with opportunities to practise critical thinking through the exploration of contemporary social issues. It also provides a platform for students to learn the basics of arguments through the formal argumentation structure.
LC8002 General Education 2
Aims to equip students with the skills to critically analyse the elements of persuasion in narratives used in a variety of contexts to appreciate the power of storytelling in our daily life. Students will also explore the history of discrimination in societies and craft their responses through their own narrative.
SP101A Education and Career Guidance 1
A compulsory module for all first year students, ECG 1 aims to develop an understanding of personal interests, strengths, values and life goals. With greater knowledge and understanding of self, planning and decision making in choosing a future career can be better developed. Some topics covered in ECG 1 include ‘Defining My SP Life’, ‘Personal Branding’, ‘Discovering My Interests’, ‘Planning for Success – My Personal Action Plan’ and more.

Second Year

Module Code Module Name Total Hours
BE2601 Logistics and Site Operations
Gives students an understanding of the basic requirements for logistics and operations for events. Students will learn the logistics requirements for the supply of event customers, products and facilities for event/site logistics, operation, maintenance and shutdown including ticketing, queuing, transportation, accommodation, infrastructure facilities, car parking, communication, cleaning & waste management, risk management, etc.
BE2602 Accounts and Finance
Gives students an understanding of the basic concepts and principles of accounting. Types of business organisations, preparation and interpretation of balance sheet and profit & loss statement, basic financial ratio analysis, sources of finance, cash flow analysis and budget & variance will also be taught.
BE2607 Law II
Provides students with an understanding of the general principles of the Laws of Tort & Agency and their application on events, business and economic activities.
BE260Y/Z Integrated Project
The project aims to develop initiative, self-reliance and organisational abilities by making students work independently in an authentic work situation. It draws upon the various aspects of the course content and requires students to integrate their learning through initiation, planning, implementation, execution and shut-down of an event. Students will be working in groups and guided by a project supervisor.
BE2612 Event Facilities Construction
Gives students an understanding of the construction of the common types of event structures and facilities suitable for indoor and outdoor events. Topics covered include fencing and barricades, scaffolding, tentages & stage, signage, backdrop & props, spectator seat stands, event cubicles & partitions, etc.
BE2613 Project Management
Provides an introduction to project management as an approach to event operations. In particular, it covers all stages of event management including initiation, planning, implementation, staging the event and completing the event. It also covers the preparation of an event brief, selection and appointment of event vendors and contractors, understanding stakeholders’ requirements, event evaluation and reporting and crisis management.
BE2614 Environmental Safety & Health
Gives students an understanding of environmental safety & health issues in the events industry including accident prevention, risk assessment and management, general safety measures, health & hygiene issues, electrical, mechanical & fire hazards, energy conservation, safety audit, waste management, etc.
BE2615 IT Applications for Events II
Equips students with skillsets in using computer applications for storing, organising and manipulating data as well as project planning.
BE2616 Public Relations
Gives students an understanding of the role and value of public relations in the context of the events industry. Students will learn the functions, planning process, techniques and tools of public relations.
BE2617 MICE Management
Gives students an understanding of the principle and practice of the MICE industry. Topics covered include fundamentals of organising business meetings and seminars, incentive travel programmes, conventions, exhibition and trade shows.
LC0156 Communicating for Project (Report) Effectiveness
Aims to equip students with skills in effective communication, teamwork and interpersonal communication, and report writing.
LC8003 Social Innovation Project
Aims to equip students with the Design Thinking mindset, methods and tools to conceptualise innovative solutions for real life problems. Students will explore a social cause, go through the practical rigour of the Design Thinking process and apply suitable tools to fulfil the objectives of the project. Students will also be exposed to trends and issues related to themes, such as Healthcare, Active Ageing, Environment, and Social Integration. In the process, they will develop a better understanding of themselves and the world, as well as the positive impact they can make.
LC8004 General Education 3
Aims to enhance students’ knowledge and appreciation of a broad range of social, political and economic issues. Students will learn about the importance and relevance of information literacy skills as well as develop their ability to assess the validity and reliability of information from different sources, consider diverse perspectives, and put forward a convincing point of view.
SP201A Education and Career Guidance 2
ECG 2 is taken by all second year students. This module aims to develop professional skills necessary to seek and secure work. It also guides the students on how to discover and develop skills, knowledge and attitudes needed for work effectiveness and changes related to work. Topics covered in this module include ‘Job Search and Market Trends’, ‘Discovering Your Unique Selling Point’, ‘Resilience’, ‘Work Place Values’ and more.

Third Year


Module Code Module Name Total Hours
BE2707 Event Budgeting and Control
Gives students an understanding of the various cost areas in a budget for an event, practical means of controlling cash flow for an event and the management of revenues including sponsorship.
BE2711 Entrepreneurship
Aims to give students an entrepreneurial mindset. It requires students to find a niche in the events industry, develop and evaluate their business ideas, recognise business opportunities and learn through simulation how to start and manage an event-related business venture.
BE2714 Cross Cultural Studies
Gives students an understanding of the globalisation of business and the impact of culture on operating and managing business in a multicultural market and workplace. Students will be given an appreciation of culture generally and an understanding of cultural differences among people, methods of dealing with the differences and cross-cultural communication.
BE2715 Internship Programme
Provides opportunity to gain professional working experience through attachments to local or overseas companies or organisations. Students are required to prepare a report and proper documentation on the internship programme.
22 weeks
BE2716 Venue and Facilities Management
Gives students an understanding of traditional & non-traditional venues, venue evaluation & selection, space management of event venues, management, maintenance & operation of venues and security management. Students will also learn the essentials of managing event facilities such as electrical, mechanical ventilation and air-conditioning system, fire protection and communication, plumbing and sanitary installations in events.
BE2717 Event Tourism and Leisure
Gives students an understanding of the role of events in the travel and tourism industry. Students will also learn the importance of events in destination marketing and management.
BE2718 Resource Procurement and Negotiation
Gives students an understanding of tendering procedures, tender documents to procure work, materials, goods & services, legal issues governing events and the labour resource for events and human resource management for event staff and volunteers. Students will also learn the principles of negotiation, the skills of effective negotiation, the negotiation process and the preparation & execution of negotiation strategies/tactics.
LC0157 Communicating for Professional Effectiveness
Aims to equip students with the essential communication and interpersonal skills necessary for work and the pursuit of further studies.



Please note: Course structure subjected to change.


Muhammad Alfiz Bin Kambali

Diploma in Integrated Events and Project Management
Class of 2017

"SP has taught me that one is never too old to learn. I am fortunate to have received offers from local universities including Nanyang Technological University and the Singapore Management University but I plan to work before pursuing my education further. Inspired by my lecturers in SP and ITE, I hope to follow their footsteps and make a difference to the lives of others."